Barrel Saunas For Sale

Everyone knows saunas are barrels of fun, but barrel saunas make the traditional Finnish sauna more accessible to everyone.  Barrel saunas are a minimalist take on the sauna that takes sauna efficiency to a new level.

Sauna Marketplace is the only place to compare dozens of barrel saunas for sale by multiple vendors in one place. The barrel sauna is an excellent outdoor sauna choice, as it allows efficient air circulation and quicker heating time compared to a square shaped room.  They also look amazing in any natural setting, or by the pool.

The way barrel saunas are sold online, it is often difficult to know whether they come fully assembled or not.  In our opinion, it is often not clear enough that you are buying a barrel sauna kit when all the pictures you see are of an assembled barrel sauna.

So there are no surprises, the first thing we recommend doing is deciding if you want a prebuilt sauna or a barrel sauna kit.

If you’re interested in a barrel sauna kit but are afraid you won’t put it together properly, or that it will take too long – rest assured – a barrel sauna together is easier than you think, and usually only takes a few hours.

Barrel sauna kits are delivered on a coffin shaped pallet and can usually be delivered to more remote locations.

Barrel Sauna D

Assembled barrel saunas are typically delivered for a per mile rate by the barrel sauna builder or a third party shipping company, so you’ll want to find a builder nearby if possible.  Shipping barrel saunas often costs $1000 or more, especially if crossing several state lines.

You can use our sauna search tool below to narrow down saunas that are right for you by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ under ‘Assembled.’

About Barrel Saunas

Barrel saunas have a minimalist design and originated in Canada.  While traditional Finnish saunas have been around for thousands of years, the barrel sauna has only been around for about 30 years.  You can learn what makes the barrel sauna such an efficient design here.