Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 50 Series

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Get America’s most loved barrel sauna by the global leader in sustainable thermal modification.  The Thermory 50 series is built to outlast and outperform cedar saunas at an affordable price.  The quality is undeniable and requires less maintenance than conventional barrel saunas.

The Thermory 50 Series consists of 3 sizes – each with an optional half-panoramic window in the back.  They are the little brother to the more spacious Thermory 60 Series, but still have enough room to stand, stretch, and safely move around.

The flat, 19″ benches are great for laying down or putting your feet up.  All Thermory barrel saunas come with a rain jacket and flat floor kit.  The 50 Series ships quickly from Thermory USA outside of Buffalo, NY.

For the larger 60 series Thermory Barrel Saunas with porch option, click here.  Hot tip: the larger 60 series usually has lower shipping costs.


Like everything they do, the optional Thermory accessory pack is modern, stylish, and built to last.

The Thermory 50 Series only ships with HUUM DROP Wi-Fi – an aesthetically pleasing wall-mounted heater with excellent stone capacity and highest temperature range on the North American market. Sauna Marketplace considers your climate when sizing heaters. We typically recommend the Thermory 60 Series with Saunum Heater, which moves the hottest air from the ceiling to the floor and blends the sauna environment.


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The Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit, the ultimate outdoor barrel sauna experience designed to endure the harshest environments. Relax, refresh, and reconnect with friends and family whenever you desire with this stunning addition to your outdoor space.

The Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit features a glass door and optional panoramic window, filling the space with natural light and providing a serene ambiance. Inside, you’ll find comfortable benches for an exceptional relaxation experience.

Thermory, the global leader in sauna wood manufacturing, begins by sourcing premium Spruce responsibly and x-raying each board for internal flaws. The materials are then heated under precise pressure to over 400-degrees and infused with steam to enhance their resilience for outdoor use.

The thermally modified Northern European Nordic Spruce offers a distinctive rustic and refined appearance, perfectly complementing any outdoor setting.  The ultimate barrel sauna wood.

Thermory’s design team has meticulously crafted this barrel sauna to overcome common issues found in other barrel saunas. With a spacious interior, innovative insulation, and 1-1/2″ thick, 3-1/2″ wide boards, all Thermory Barrel Sauna Kits ensure a superior seal and comfortable sauna experience.

The kit comes with pre-milled materials and a user-friendly proprietary construction process, making installation a breeze.

Designed to thrive in wet, cold, or hot climates, the Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit outperforms and outlasts barrel saunas that use unmodified wood.  It’s the most trusted choice for your outdoor oasis.

*The Thermory No 61 is now available with a Saunum option!

Thermory Barrel Sauna Review

"Still my favorite part of our backyard"

Heat treated wood, an included rain jacket, superior design, and quality control go a long ways. Thermory Barrel Saunas remain beautiful, solid, and healing for years.

Five years.  Find the Thermory barrel sauna warranty terms here.    

During Use

  • Only throw water on the heater, not on the walls or benches.
  • Don’t wear wet swimsuits in the sauna, as water from these will damage the bench.
  • To keep the bench fresh, we recommend using seat covers – these can also make it more comfortable to sit on the bench when it is hot.
  • Keep an eye on the heating stones, as they may crack over time – whenever necessary, they can be replaced or more stones can be added.

After Each Use

  • Wipe the benches with a clean, damp washcloth – don’t use running water to clean them to help prevent excess water from pooling on the wooden surfaces.
  • Use appropriate cleaning products for the benches and other wooden components, reading the instructions first.
  • After cleaning your sauna, allow the surfaces to dry and ensure that the room is well ventilated – we recommend leaving the heater on for at least half an hour with the air vent open and the door and windows closed.
  • If possible, lift up the benches to allow them to dry better.

At least once each year

  • Treat the wooden surfaces with a sauna-appropriate product – this should be done more frequently if the sauna receives intensive use.
  • Clean all surfaces of the seating materials, walls and ceilings using a soft brush or cloth and a specialist cleaning product, following the instructions on the packaging.
  • For deeper stains and soiling, gently clean the bench using a fine sandpaper before treating the sanded surface with a sauna-appropriate wood preservative.
  • Avoid using cleaning agents that are unsuitable for saunas – for example, disinfectants bleach the wood and can spoil its surface.
  • Inspect the fastenings on the benches and supports, tightening any screws if necessary; they may loosen over time due to changes in the wood caused by heat and humidity.

Things to avoid

  • Don’t dry textiles in your sauna, as this can be a fire hazard – excessive moisture can also damage the surface of the wood.
  • Avoid heating the sauna beyond the maximum temperature specified by the heater manufacturer – excessive heat may create a fire risk or cause the wood to warp.
  • Never use a pressure washer or running water when cleaning your sauna, as excessive moisture can permanently damage the structure and surface of the wood.

How Wood Changes in the Sauna

  • Wood is a natural material, and its surface may crack or bend when used in the sauna.
  • This is normal due to the extreme and rapid changes in temperature and humidity that occur.
  • The risk of wood deformation depends on the material and intensity of use – the effects are also more visible in wider boards.
  • Wooden materials in the part of the sauna most exposed to the hot steam may darken over time.
  • When new, thermally modified wood may give off a noticeable scent as the sauna is heated, but this will diminish over time.

Yes, Theermory barrel saunas come with a floor kit to level out the bottom of the sauna.  This also makes an excellent raceway for hiding cables.  

We’ve found that enough air enters through the drain holes below the heater to provide excellent air flow through the sauna and out the exhaust vent near the door.

Yes, the Thermory Ignite Barrel Sauna is available here.  

Additional Details

  • Natural light from the glass door illuminates this beautiful space which includes comfortable benches, for added comfort, for up to 4 people.
  • Quality materials, thermally enhanced wood, and superb engineering make this the very best outdoor sauna.
  • Full-length wood staves.
  • Rain Jacket for additional protection
  • Pair with electric or wood burning stove (ask for compatible options)
  • We typically pair with Harvia and HUUM stoves.

3 reviews for Thermory Barrel Sauna Kit | 50 Series

  1. Elliot Hans

    best place to buy a sauna! Ben was so helpful!! came on time and the best deal I could find with amazing customer service and quality!

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  2. Bill

    Love the quality of the sauna. I was impressed with the whole package.

    Image #1 from Bill
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  3. Sancarlos Martinez

    Awesome 😎

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Refund Policy

We provide 'whatever-it-takes' support to get your sauna up and running as designed. Manufacturing defects will be replaced. Thermory does not accept returns on saunas.

Additional information

Thermory No 50 – 88" Long W/ WINDOW, Thermory No 51 – 88" Long, Thermory No 52 – 71" Long W/ WINDOW, Thermory No 53 – 71" Long, Thermory No 54 – 59" Long W/ WINDOW, Thermory No 55 – 59" Long






Made in


50 Series

Weight (lbs)

1103, 1102, 1191, 1279, 1301, 1433, 1389, 1444, 1522, 1532

Bench Depth (in)

19, 25

Total Bench Length

98, 120, 156


4, 6

Interior Materials


Exterior Materials



4, 5, 6

Wi-Fi Option


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About Thermory
Sauna Marketplace couldn't be prouder to feature Thermory, a global leader in sustainable wood sourcing and thermal modification, in our esteemed collection of sauna products. As an industry innovator, Thermory revolutionizes the sauna landscape by harnessing the natural beauty of responsibly sourced woods such as Aspen, Alder, and Nordic Spruce, while championing chemical-free processes to make saunas more durable and beautiful. Thermory’s commitment to exceptional quality is evident in its proprietary thermal modification process. Using heat and steam naturally enhances the wood's properties, creating products that set the rot resistance and longevity standard. With a team of expert wood scientists and advanced technology, Thermory achieves precision in every batch processed in their 20,000 square ft. chambers. This meticulous control over the modification process results in unrivaled product durability and stability, offering significant resistance to moisture. Thermory is unique in how every fiber of the wood is altered, right down to its core, through its innovative thermal modification process. The company's Smooth-Kissed Milling technique also ensures that each board is consistently smooth, straight, and reliable - a testament to Thermory's refusal to compromise on excellence. At Sauna Marketplace, we offer a wide range of Thermory products that have consistently proven their quality through third-party testing, including rot resistance, stability, fire safety, strength, and termite resistance. These products include world-renowned thermally treated sauna wood, barrel saunas, doors, and vents. Each of these products showcases the blend of natural beauty and enhanced function that Thermory is famous for. And it doesn't stop there.  Thermory is behind Auroom, the best sauna kits and outdoor preassembled saunas which are now available in North America on When you choose Thermory products from Sauna Marketplace, you're investing in more than just a product. You're choosing a piece of expertly crafted, responsibly sourced wood that balances natural aesthetics with outstanding performance, longevity, and rich color. Trust in Thermory to deliver a sauna experience that is as durable as satisfying.
Brand Catalog: Thermory