Auroom Electa Cabin Sauna Kit

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Clean and Nordic Electa belongs to the elite. A design in which short wall elements of differing widths cast playful shadows to create a characteristic kinetic illusion. It forms an elegant pattern that is neither vivid nor aggressive.

Electa seduces you with its clean and clear style; delivering on the promise of perfectly charming sophistication.

Up to 6-person, DIY, Modular Cabin Sauna Kit.  Custom sizes available.

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Auroom Saunas are fully refundable until you approve detailed drawings and delivery timeline.  Heater choice and customizations can be made later.

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Saunum AirSolo is NOT a heater, but is installed on the opposite wall. When turned on, air is circulated throughout the sauna for a more even, comfortable, sauna.


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In an Auroom Planning Session, we can discuss timelines, heater options, installation, recommended installers, and answer your questions.

We can even take you on a virtual tour of most Auroom models and show you what makes them special.

Auroom saunas can also be fully customized in a process that starts here.

Introducing the Auroom Electa –

The Auroom Electa indoor home sauna seduces you with its elegant Scandinavian looks and creates an elevated level of charm and sophistication in any space. This modular home sauna kit is impeccably engineered and constructed from premium, satin-smooth northern European alder resulting in a sauna of peerless quality. Bathers will enjoy an open and airy environment with an impressive full tempered-glass front wall.

No detail is overlooked, with its clean Nordic design featuring geometric wall elements of differing widths casting playful shadows to create a beautiful kinetic effect. The impeccable quality is apparent throughout with no visible fasteners, professional-quality door pull, and robust hinges. The base frame beneath the sauna is constructed of durable, water-resistant aluminum designed to last a lifetime.
Electa was designed with famed Italian architect Luca Donazzolo.

Heater guard

Electa’s wooden heater guard beautifully matches the other interior materials.


The floor grids come with rubber strips, which prevent the floor from being slippery and the wood from being in direct contact with humidity.

External panelling

External panelling is available for the side and back walls.

Aluminium base frame

The aluminium base frame under the sauna is durable, resistant and very suitable for humid rooms.

Because it’s not just a sauna; it’s your personal journey to self-care.

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