Auroom Lumina Cabin Sauna Kit

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Created in cooperation with the talented Italian architect Luca Donazzolo, each detail in Auroom Lumina is designed to have a positive effect on our state of well-being. It has a sense of ‘wholeness’, and playfulness that never gets old. If you want the best, there’s no better indoor sauna than this.

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None Harvia KIP w/ Built In Controls +$953.70 Harvia KIP with Wall + Wi-Fi Control +$2,129.50 Harvia Cilindro w/ Built In Controls +$1,217.30 Harvia Cilindro w/ Wall + WiFi Control +$2,219.00 HUUM Steel w/ WIFI +$3,070.00 Homecraft Revive w/ Wall Control +$2,059.00 Harvia Virta Combi w/ auto humidity and Wi-Fi +$3,739.60 Harvia Forte Always Ready Sauna Heater w/ Wall Control +$3,969.00
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High-End Sauna Manufacturer from Estonia

48”D x 71”W (Up to 2 people)


59”D x 71”W (Up to 3 people)


59”D x 79” W (Up to 4 people)


79”D x 79”W (Up to 5 people)


79”D x 99”W (Up to 6 people)

Door Hinge




Exterior Materials





Thermally Modified Aspen

Thermally Modified Wood has been naturally altered at a cellular level using only heat and steam. This natural process is common in Europe, used to make the wood more durable, longer lasting, and stable. Thermo-Aspen is significantly darker than raw Aspen, closer to western red cedar.

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Auroom is a premium sauna manufacturer based in Estonia. They’re owned by Thermory, the global leader in the thermal modification of wood and a leading supplier of sauna wood and materials. At Sauna Marketplace, we’ve explored every inch of these sauna kits and prebuilt saunas. We’ve assembled them in the field. We’ve visited customers who have invited us over for a sweat. We like to say that while no wood product is perfect, we’re still looking for one. The quality control at both Auroom and Thermory is astonishing. We have sided our own homes in Thermory products and had 0% waste. That means every inch of every board was useable. The thermal modification process involves putting the wood through a pressurized chamber with extreme heat and humidity to change the wood at a cellular level. That makes it more stable and durable. It also gives the wood a more exotic look. All Auroom saunas can be completely customized in a process that begins with a planning session on Sauna Marketplace. Book yours today!