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How To Convert an Infrared Sauna to a Hotter Traditional Steam Sauna

Hey there sauna enthusiasts! Are you looking to elevate your infrared sauna experience by converting it into a traditional steam sauna? Well, we’ve got some news for you.

Though it may seem easy since infrared sauna boxes are made of the same wood as traditional saunas, it’s not that simple if you want a steamy sauna experience. However, don’t lose hope – we’ll guide you through some ways to increase the heat to enhance your sauna sessions!

Don’t Need Much Humidity? Just Add A Sauna Heater

If you don’t mind a mostly dry sauna, chances are you can simply wire an electric sauna heater and get most of the benefits of a Finnish sauna. If you want to try this on the cheap, without hiring an electrician you can buy a 120v Vevor sauna heater that will plug into the wall.

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If you are adding a sauna heater to convert an infrared sauna, the most affordable way is to buy a 120v Vevor sauna heater that plugs into the wall.

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Why Can’t You Convert an Infrared Sauna to a Traditional Steam Sauna?

Traditional saunas come with rocks that create steam and a convective loop when you pour water on them. The balance between heat and humidity is crucial for an authentic sauna experience. Infrared sauna boxes, on the other hand, aren’t designed to handle humidity. There’s no vapor barrier in these saunas, which means that adding humidity could lead to mold and rotting wood.

Moreover, traditional saunas require proper airflow, which can be achieved through ventilation inlets and exhaust holes. While it’s not impossible to create a vapor barrier and connect the exhaust hole to the exterior of the home, we haven’t seen any successful conversions so far.

If you’d like to properly convert an infrared sauna to a steam sauna, we recommend reading up about the complexities of vapor barrier installation.

How to Get More Heat from Your Infrared Sauna

That said, you can still “hack” your infrared sauna to make it hotter by insulating the top and adding another heater. Keep in mind, however, that without humidity, you won’t get the steamy experience of a traditional sauna. And without a proper vapor barrier you should avoid too much steam.

The Authentic Sauna Experience

Sauna enthusiasts and Finnish people might not consider infrared rooms as true saunas. A genuine sauna should reach temperatures of 160-200°F, have rocks, and produce steam. But hey, you can still enjoy a relaxing session in your infrared sauna!

What’s Next?

Don’t let this news ruin your dreams of having a traditional sauna! If you’re into the ‘box in room’ style of infrared saunas, consider buying a sauna that’s designed for traditional electric heat. Check out these best electric sauna heaters to find the perfect one for you.

If you’re thinking about building an outdoor sauna, we recommend the DIY eBook from Glen at SaunaTimes. And if you want a custom-made traditional sauna that fits your space perfectly, you can build one from scratch or custom order a sauna built to your specifications.

In conclusion, while it may not be possible to directly convert an infrared sauna into a traditional steam sauna, you can still find ways to enhance your sauna experience and explore other options to get the steamy experience you crave. Happy sauna-ing!