Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas are some of the most popular, best selling outdoor saunas in the US. They were recently bought by Harvia Finland but they are still manufacturing in Michigan and have offices in Michigan. They are the closest thing you can get to a Harvia Barrel Sauna, though we expect Harvia to sell barrel saunas globally in the near future, adding to their outdoor sauna options.

It seems Harvia was mostly looking for a way to sell more sauna heaters with the acquisition, and bundling them with barrel saunas is a good way to do that (you can’t even buy an Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna without a Harvia heater!).

The partnership has been good for Almost Heaven as well.

Harvia gives Almost Heaven access to the Harvia distribution channels, global logistics networks, and adds credibility and trust to their warranty.

Through the years, their saunas have been available at Costco, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and directly through their website. Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas cost anywhere from $7,690 to $21,749 but we’ll show you how to buy Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas on sale for over 50% off, like these:

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna Review – The Good

First off, barrel saunas are the fastest growing outdoor saunas for a reason. Check out what makes barrel saunas so great, and some of the best in stock deals on the market here:

Barrel Saunas Buying Guide

Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas come with the best warranty around, and they’re backed by the Harvia brand which is one of the biggest sauna companies in the world (Sauna is big business in Europe).

But you’ll want to pay attention when shopping for an Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna. Knowing the following details can save you a lot of money and ensure you don’t get stuck with the wrong sauna.

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna review box

We like that it's made in the USA, been around a long time, widely available, and has a good warrenty.

We don't like that you must bundle with their electric heater, and they have long lead times.

What We Learned From Almost Heaven Reviews

My lovely cedar barrel sauna is getting moldy on the inside from all of the delicious rain we’ve had here in Northern California.

Specifically, the bench, floor, and doors have little moldy sections.

I don’t want to treat it with chemicals but do want to protect it? Any suggestions? I’ve sanded off the funky parts but its going to keep happening… (Mine is the Almost Heaven 6-person cedar barrel.)


#1 Returns Are Prohibitively Expensive Unless You Order From Walmart

The most important reason to buy from Walmart (if they have your model) is the shipping and return policy. When you buy directly from Almost Heaven, they will accept returns for 30 days but there’s a 25% restocking fee AND you’re responsible for the return shipping!

Walmart has free shipping and you can return the barrel sauna to your local store. Not the example below is for the same exact sauna shipped directly from Almost Heaven.

Walmart Return Policy

When you order the barrel sauna through Walmart, you get 30 day returns, you can return to any Walmart, and are protected by their minimum standards

Almost Heaven Return Policy

Not as good…

#2 Walmart doesn’t have a great selection, but you can upgrade the small stuff

You can’t choose options when you order a sauna from Walmart, and this is a big problem if they don’t offer the type of wood you want, or the right heater. However, with the smaller upgrades like lights and sauna accessories you can easily add those later. Check out our favorite sauna accessories here:

#3 Long Lead Time

Almost Heaven currently (as of Feb 2022) has a 6-8 week lead time for saunas ordered through their website. If you don’t need too many customized options it may be possible to get them faster through Walmart.

#4 You HAVE To Buy Specific Harvia Heaters With Almost Heaven Saunas

Not only do you not have any choices besides Harvia heaters, but you are not even allowed to buy Almost Heaven barrel saunas WITHOUT a heater. This means if you want a HUUM sauna heater in an Almost Heaven Barrel sauna you’d have to buy it with a Harvia Heater and replace it.

It’s also unclear if installing a different heater, especially wood burning stoves would impact your warranty.

#5 Cheaper Price and Free Shipping From Walmart

Pay attention to shipping expenses, add-ons, and up-charges. It looks close at first but check out the difference between ordering from Almost Heaven’s website and buying the exact same sauna (that arrives sooner) on Walmart.

Example: Buying Salem 2 Person Barrel Sauna From

Direct From = $4,963.75

Price At Walmart (Free Shipping) = $3,495

Same features, with free shipping and a better return policy.

We put links to the cheapest and best options to buy each model below.

Almost Heaven Classic Barrel Sauna Models

The product offerings of Almost Heaven are fairly straight forward. Choose the size, then choose the options.

Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna

Best Deal Online:

Almost Heaven’s Cheapest and Smallest Sauna Barrel Starting at $7,690 retail

Costs $5,000+ ordered through Almost Heaven Directly

5’11” Wide x 3’3″ inside

Our review of the Salem 2 Person Barrel Sauna confirms it will heat up faster and cost less to operate than larger saunas.

Small barrel saunas have some nice benefits, and if it’s just you and your significant other most of the time this may be an option. However, this is a REALLY small barrel sauna that leave no room for lying down and little room for spreading out.

Vienna 2-Person Barrel Sauna With Canopy

Best Deal Online:

The Vienna Sauna is basically the Salem model (above) with a nice overhang and two exterior benches.

The Vienna retails at $9,030 USD and would cost $5,688 shipped if ordered through Almost Heaven directly.

Just enough room to sit out on the patio, the canopy on the Vienna is a highly recommended upgrade if your barrel sauna is not covered. Without an overhang, we’d be concerned about wind-driven rain getting through the door and doing some damage in the long term.

Pinnacle 4 Person Barrel Sauna

Best Deal Online:

The Almost Heaven Pinnacle Sauna is just right for 4 people, and gives 2 people enough room to spread out and lay down.

Retails at $9,740 – Costs over $6,000 when ordered through Almost Heaven Directly with shipping.

6×6′ inside, enough to lay down!

The Pinnacle is a 6×6′ sauna and is no by no means large, but is the right size sauna for most couples and families. The smaller Vienna and Salem models just doesn’t cut it when you need to spread out and really relax, or when you have guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Almost Heaven Saunas Made?

Almost Heaven still makes saunas in the Greenbrier Valley in West Virginia where the company was founded in 1977. They have offices in Holland, Michigan and are owned by Harvia Corporation of Finland.

How much does a barrel of sauna cost?

Barrel Saunas cost anywhere from $3,000 USD to $18,000 or more. Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas start at $3,495 and you can get free shipping if you know where to buy them. You can find the cheapest barrel sauna deals on Sauna Marketplace.

How do you turn on the Almost Heaven sauna?

Almost Heaven Saunas either have a thermostat just like you might have in your home, or there’s a dial on the heater itself. Sometimes the thermostat is located outside of the hot room on wall by the door. If it’s not there, look at the base of the heater. If it’s not working, check the electric panel or consult an electrician.