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Best Sauna Tents 2023 – Reviews In a Flooded Market

Wood burning sauna tents like Mobiba and Morzh have been growing in popularity for years. Unfortunately for them, as soon as the sauna tent movement really started to take off, Russia began a war against Ukraine.

So when the health benefits of sauna tents gained steam, there was nowhere to buy them. It took a couple years, but American, Finnish, and Canadian companies did have an answer.

For months, Americans and Canadians have been bombarded with ads for sauna tent startup companies with similar products.

Sweat Tents, North Shore Prism, Backwoods Glamping, Overland, Stokeyard Outfitters, and others have entered the market. The initial reviews are in, and for several of these startup companies, the initial skepticism was warranted. Remember, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, and other crowdfunding websites do not require the company to deliver anything.

There are problems with business practices, sauna stoves melting, loose pipes, water leaking into fireboxes, and smoke leaking into tents (dangerous!). Buyer beware!

The better these sauna tent companies seem to advertise, the more problems they had. It’s now becoming clear who was just looking to make a quick buck, and who you can trust.

The sauna tents themselves are very similar (with the exception of Snowtrekker and Airframes Alaska which are different catagories of tents). The quality and integrity of the company is shown in stoves, customer support, in a few cases – shady business practices.

North Shore Sauna Tents

Disclosure: We saw early on that North Shore Sauna had integrity and came from the community, and invited them to sell on Sauna Marketplace. They have been selling out, but currently have sauna stoves and portable sauna benches available. You can also join the waiting list for Prism Sauna Tents here.

North Shore Sauna was the first American company (based in Duluth, Minnesota) to offer a high-quality Morzh alternative sauna tent. We received their Prism Sauna Tent to review in November 2022. We had it from box to fully-assembled in 20 minutes.

Prism Sauna Tent Stove

Unfortunately, we had to wait another month for the sauna tent stove to arrive.

What really sets North Shore Sauna apart from other Morzh competitors is the Prism Sauna Tent Stove. It’s the only stove on the market that we KNOW beats the Morzh Intent sauna stove. Check out the Prism sauna tent stove here.

Sauna Tent Stove Reviews

You can also build a package that comes with a portable cedar sauna bench. Yes, you can save some money and build one yourself but this is a really well built, folding bench with 5 star reviews on Sauna Marketplace. Check it out here.

Portable Sauna Tent Bench

North Shore Sauna is the only place to buy the full sauna tent package – tent, stove, bench. It’s portable, easy to set up, and sturdy. You can definitely save some money building one yourself, but it’s nice to have one built for the tent from day 1. Check out the Sauna Tent Disciples Facebook page for DIY options for sauna benches.

Sweat Tent Reviews

Sweat Tent was the most aggressive advertiser, and the least known in the sauna tent community. They have been repeatedly called out on the Sauna Tent Disciples Facebook page as ‘Unseemly’ and ‘Not to be trusted’. Candid feedback from unhappy Sweat Tent customers can be found on the Sauna Disciples Facebook page.

The tents themselves are similar in quality to the others, but the stoves are suspect. Sweat Tent was an Indiegogo company, which means if they fail you may not get your money back. We truly hope it works out for Sweat Tent customers but if you still have a chance, some restraint may be in order based on the horror stories we are hearing. Here’s an email we got today:

I recently purchased the Overland setup and the stove all but failed on me in 5 uses (thin, cheap sheet metal that warped and even developed a hole)

Marketplace E-mail 1/10/2023

In addition, Sweat Tent has apparently bullied other sauna tent companies and had highly questionable business practices. We recommend avoiding Sweat Tent Saunas, based on Sweat Tent Reviews and first hand experiences.

Overland Sauna Tent Reviews

Overland Sauna was another unknown company that was heavy on marketing. Again, it seems they were a little over confident. Customers were left waiting for updates and had serious concerns about their purchases. It’s safe to say they had a rough start but seem keen on making things right.

Overland Sauna Tent reviews for their stoves have been BRUTAL. The stoves are cracking and essentially falling apart. One recent review on the Sauna Tent Disciples facebook page shows an unusable stove with water pouring into the firebox and smoke oozing out a gap in the back of the stove.

The reviewer wonders out-loud if the stove went through any product testing before shipping them to customers. From the looks of it, you have to wonder. So far Overland Sauna has not released a new version of their stoves which seem to be extremely flawed.

Stokeyard Outfitters Sauna Tent Reviews

Stokeyard saunas is a sauna company in Minnesota well known for their sauna events at the Hewing Hotel. They are releasing a sauna tent similar to the Prism Sauna Tent, that is available for rent in Minneapolis.

We expect reviews soon.

Snowtrekker Sauna Tent Reviews

Dimensions: 73″x91x53″ (sidewall)

Snowtrekker is one of the most respected backwoods winter camping companies in the world. Based in Viroqua, WIsconsin, Snowtrekker released their Sauna Tents in 2022 to lukewarm reception in the sauna tent community. The tent is actually manufactured by Stormy Kromer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (known for their Yooper Hats).

First, it’s important to note that the Snowtrekker sauna tent is in a different category than the new entrants. This is a larger, ‘basecamp’ style of sauna tent that may be better for events or long term deployments.

That said, the value proposition is confusing and it’s not portable. In fact, we’re not exactly sure what you’re buying with the $4,200 sauna tent. They recommend you build your own structure from a hardware store.

The Snowtrekker sauna stove is affordable at $590 but doesn’t seem portable. The door does not seem to be made for the constant coming and going of a public sauna.

So, essentially you are buying the fabric for $4,200 and building your own sauna structure. Or $4,500 with the frame. Or $5,100 with the stove. We love Snowtrekker but are afraid they will have a hard time in this price range for what they are offering.

We got to experience one at the Winter Carnival last week, but await more Snowtrekker Sauna Reviews…

Backwoods Sauna Tent Reviews

Canada’s entrant into portable sauna tents seems to be doing everything right, although some stoves come dented. The tent is comparable to a Morzh/Prism and the large stove is performing well in early reviews. If in Canada, check out Backwood Sauna, for sure.

The large stove is almost identical to the Prism Sauna Stove (available here).

Morzh and Prism Sauna Tent Alternatives

So where does that leave us? Morzh sauna tents are impossible to get, and North Shore Prism Sauna Tents keep selling out (reserve one here). We are waiting for more information and reviews on Stokeyard, Sauna Papi, Snowtrekker, Reforge Wellness, and other DIY and direct from China options.

We also hope to see more availability of Finnish sauna tent companies like Savotta. In the meantime, you can also check out SaunaShare for sauna rental options as tent companies wait for more stock and improve their products.