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VEVOR Sauna Heater Review

vevor electric sauna review

Last year, we started testing electric sauna heaters in our shipping container sauna.  We needed a good baseline, cheap sauna heater that we thought would show how much better the the sauna heaters we sell are.

We roughly installed a silver, 9 KW Vevor sauna sauna heater with external control and fired it up.

We did the first burn dry, and with the windows open for an hour to let the paint cure and burn off any chemicals, although we’re not sure that’s necessary with this heater.  We did not notice any harsh chemical smells during this stage.

The next day we set the thermostat at 210F degrees (it goes to 221F) and started sprinkling water in the rocks at 170f.  The outside temperature was 45F and the hot room reached 200f in 45 minutes (this heater is slightly oversized for the space, so that’s not a brag). 

After 180 degrees the heat became noticeably harsh.  It’s not the gentle, soft heat we are after.

We later compared this to similar models from the major sauna brands we sell and found this is normal with a wall heater of this style.  They do not have enough rocks for a soft heat at high temperatures without masterful laddle work.

You will get better at controlling the heat harshness, and fresh air ventilation goes a long way, but the heat will never be the same as a high end HUUM or Harvia heater.  Especially wood-burning heaters.

That said, for the price these Vevor electric sauna heaters can’t be beat.  We don’t sell them, and we likely never will but if a cheap heater makes your home sauna happen sooner, we say go for it.


Update, Vevor reached out and offered a discount code for anyone who reads this post (apparently we’ve doubled their sales).

Use discount code ‘SAUNASHARE’

Again, we just bought the Vevor as a baseline to compare with more expensive sauna heaters.  But it performed well, and we have fired it over 100 times now with no signs of degradation.

The heating elements are solidly placed, which is the biggest flaw in other electric stoves.  They can handle 220f, and seem to be the same quality as more expensive heaters.

The heat guard of our Vevor 9kw is one of the best we tested.  Don’t try this at home, but the outer metal never got dangerously hot and could be touched soon after the sauna session (again, never try this).

Our Vevor Sauna Heater review surprised us, but we are here to ensure you get the best advice, deals, and products possible.  So if a cheap electric sauna heater is what you want, check out a Vevor sauna heater.  We’re glad we stumbled on it.

Check it out here on Amazon or buy it directly from Vevor here.