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North Shore Dome – Large Sauna Tent For Up To 8 People


The extra large Dome Sauna Tent by North Shore Sauna provides the ultimate sauna experience for up to 8 friends, teammates, or family members.  Created by the Duluth, Minnesota company who earned their reputation for the best performing, safest, most reliable sauna tents and stoves on the market.

The Dome has two chimney ports and thick fabric and insulation, allowing for high sauna temps even when it’s below freezing outside.

North Shore Prism Sauna Tent


Rediscover sauna and nature with the original North Shore Prism Sauna Tent.  An authentic Finnish sauna you can take anywhere.  We know first hand how this seemingly basic tent will transform how you think about seasons, time, and recovery.  It’s the fastest, cheapest, and most fun way to bring the benefits of sauna to your routine.

Breathe easy knowing North Shore Saunas use the highest quality insulated materials that have been tested for off-gassing, VOCs, and thermal performance.

The Prism seats 2-4 people and can be set up in minutes.  With included tie lines and stakes it can handle the wind better than any sauna we’ve tested.

Veteran owned North Shore Saunas have earned a reputation in the sauna tent community for “whatever-it-takes” support that Sauna Marketplace strives for.  We’re proud to have the first Prism in use, going strong since 2022.

Nova 6 Sauna Tent


The Nova 6 is simply the highest quality, best-designed sauna tent on the market.  How do we know? Sauna Marketplace has been testing sauna tents since 2022, including one of the first North Shore Prism tents (still going strong!).

The Nova 6 is a cleaner, more thoughtful design that’s especially noticeable with the door system which really sets the Nova series apart.  It’s rather awkward to enter sauna tents with a towel, let alone with a bench, stove, or firewood.

Once you experience the trip-free entryway of the Nova there’s simply no going back.

Inside the sauna doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all and has comfortable seating for 6 and a head height of nearly 7′.

It’s made with the highest quality, double-walled quilted fabric with large windows to provide plenty of light, and the internal frame is tension-based, making set-up a breeze… less than a minute!

The Nova 6 is popular with athletes, renters, and explorers.  Buy a Nova 6 today and let the adventures begin.

Nova 4 Sauna Tent for 4 People | North Shore Sauna

Original price was: $699.00.Current price is: $649.00.

Introducing the NOVA 4 Sauna Tent from North Shore Sauna! This compact option takes the design of the incredibly popular NOVA 6 tent, and shrinks it down to a lighter and more pack-able size!

In the NOVA 4, you get every single feature that you get with the larger model, but in a size that is perfect for 4 people. With a pentagonal footprint of around 50 sq ft and 6′ 10 ” headroom, you’ll have plenty of space for yoga, stretching out, or inviting 3 of your closest friends to hang out in the heat.

With the North Shore Portable Sauna Stove, you’ll be hitting temperatures to rival the very best cabin saunas from the tranquility of your own backyard or favorite wilderness hideaway.

And with a million ways to combine accessories, you can build a package from the most basic essentials to a luxury sauna tent experience!

Overland Sauna Tent


Easily set up at your preferred riverside spot or in your own backyard. The Overland Tent, constructed with premium nylon fabric and strengthened with fiberglass rods and hubs, provides a genuine sauna experience that can be assembled in mere minutes. When paired with their wood-burning stoves, the Overland Tent delivers a portable and cost-effective sauna session wherever you may be. The tent’s breathable materials and zippered vents ensure superb ventilation while preserving heat, mirroring the experience of traditional saunas.

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  1. Having enjoyed soaking up the warm steaminess of our Sauna for more than two weeks we are totally sold! The unit is working great in every respect.

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  2. Good quality and the package includes extra parts in case of damage to certain wood pieces during the install. So far so good!

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  3. Amazing customer service from Ben and his team! Prompt and very responsive during the order and install process – only positive feedback for the team!

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  4. Ben and customer service has been great! Was informed thru the entire process and very responsive on requests or questions I’ve had. Just installed and got everything working so can leave further thoughts on the Sauna and Huum Drop heater, but from a credibility / customer satisfaction perspective – Sauna Marketplace and Ben were top-notch.

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  5. Love this sauna. Huge improvement over gym and barrels I’ve used in the past. Thank you fellas!

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