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Introducing the NOVA 4 Sauna Tent from North Shore Sauna! This compact option takes the design of the incredibly popular NOVA 6 tent, and shrinks it down to a lighter and more pack-able size!

In the NOVA 4, you get every single feature that you get with the larger model, but in a size that is perfect for 4 people. With a pentagonal footprint of around 50 sq ft and 6′ 10 ” headroom, you’ll have plenty of space for yoga, stretching out, or inviting 3 of your closest friends to hang out in the heat.

With the North Shore Portable Sauna Stove, you’ll be hitting temperatures to rival the very best cabin saunas from the tranquility of your own backyard or favorite wilderness hideaway.

And with a million ways to combine accessories, you can build a package from the most basic essentials to a luxury sauna tent experience!

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North Shore Sauna

Includes Chimney and Shipping

Why a Sauna Tent?

Capitalizing on the ability to pack and stow your tent, North Shore has opened the door for anyone to experience the benefits of having a home sauna.

Rent an apartment? No problem! Bring your sauna with you the next time you head out to the woods and find that perfect lake or stream to set up your very own sauna cold plunge combo.

Have a small backyard? Easy. With it’s spacious interior, the Nova 4 also maintains a tiny footprint. And it sets up and breaks down in minutes, so if you need that backyard space for something else… easy.

Whether you are hitting it hard on the trail or in the surf, the Nova 4 can give you the benefits a portable recovery system that you can take anywhere.

Quality Craftsmanship

The Nova 4 Sauna Tent delivers an exceptional sauna experience, combining comfort and durability in every aspect. Its spacious interior comfortably accommodates up to four people, allowing you to share the rejuvenating benefits of a sauna session with friends and family.

With extra large triangular windows and double insulated quilted walls, the Nova 4 does an incredible job at maintaining heat while keeping the elements out. With the compatible rainfly, sauna sessions can happen in any weather… rain, snow or shine.

Enhance Your Health and Wellness

Experience the transformative power of a sauna with the Nova 4. Regular sauna sessions offer a myriad of health benefits, including:

  • Improved Circulation: Sauna heat promotes vasodilation, which increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure, improving overall circulation and cardiovascular health.
  • Detoxification: The warm, humid environment of a sauna encourages sweating, which helps to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body.
  • Pain Relief: Heat therapy is a natural and effective way to relieve muscle soreness and joint pain.
  • Enhanced Skin Health: Sauna heat stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and promote a healthy glow.
  • Improved Respiratory Health: Sauna heat can help to clear congestion and improve respiratory function.
  • Better Sleep: Sauna heat can help to relax the body and mind, promoting better sleep quality.
  • Pain Management: Heat therapy can help to relieve pain associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Unbelievably Easy Set Up

The Nova 4 Sauna Tent is designed as a pop up tent, with snap fittings that function off of tension in the poles.

Simply lay the tent on the ground, pull outwards on the designated wall tabs one by one, go inside the door and push up the roof! It’s just that simple.

Sauna Helps

This truly spectacular design combines the functionality of a traditional sauna with the ease of a tent. At a price and size that is perfect for experienced and budding sauna users alike, it’s hard to say no to such a great product. 

Order Your Nova 4 Sauna Tent Today and Embark on a Journey of Wellness and Relaxation

What with the endless attention to detail and innovative features, the Nova 4 Sauna Tent is the perfect way to enhance your well-being by creating a sanctuary of relaxation and recovery in your own backyard or… wherever it takes you!

Order yours today and discover the healing power of sauna therapy.

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