Timber Arched Custom Mobile Sauna with Changing Room

For sale is a unique mobile sauna located in MN.  The ‘Half-Arch’ is hand-built by a skilled wooden boat builder and features a durable solid white oak timber frame with steam-bent arches.

This thoughtful layout has seating for 5-6 people and a changing room, the interior is lined with Western red cedar, and a custom double-pane insulated glass with steam-bent trim, offering stunning views and ample lighting. This operable Velux skylight allows users to gaze at the stars, making it a memorable experience for anyone lucky enough to enter.

Comes with a fully installed HUUM Hive wood heater.


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Unique Timber Arched Mobile Sauna for sale.  Designed and built by an experienced wooden boat builder.

•The solid white oak timber frame with steam-bent arches create superior sauna structure that is built to last

•Western red cedar lines the beautiful interior of the sauna.

•Large custom double-pane, insulated, tempered glass with steam-bent trim.  Provides amazing views and lighting in the sauna.  You will not feel claustrophobic in this sauna!

•Operable Velux skylight enables you to look up to the stars

•Fully wrapped with foil vapor barrier and insulated with sheep’s wool by Havelock Wool.

•Lifetime Edco metal roof with no exposed fasteners

•Deep cycle battery with battery tender and LED lights

•Trailer brakes and lights

•Huum HIVE Woodstove with plenty of rocks for excellent steam and soft heat.

•Seats 5-6 people

•Changing room

Ready for pickup or delivery

Currently located in MN.


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