Lightly Used Voyageur Mobile Sauna with KUUMA Wood Stove

VERY lightly used Voyageur Mobile Sauna built in 2022, then finished off in 2023 with a new KUUMA wood stove and upgraded since.  This sauna has LED lights, adjustable ventilation, floor drains, and other upgrades.  Everything you need to start that mobile sauna lifestyle or business.


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Brand Catalog: Voyageur
  • Trailer built in 2022 by Voyageur Saunas in Shakopee, Minnesota.

  • Currently located in Central Wisconsin.
  • Free and clear title

  • Interior build and finishing March 2023

  • New Kuuma sauna stove installed at that time

  • Very limited use since then (x2/month on average)

  • Improved winch cables installed in November

  • Remote controlled LED rope lights under top bench and above hot room

  • 4 hot room vents: 2 above top bench, 1 below top bench, 1 near stove

  • 2 floor drains

  • Moveable lower/floor bench

  • Spare tire included

    Seller has "been super happy with it and everyone who used it has loved it. I've just had a shift in work/family priorities".

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Brand Catalog: Voyageur