Mobile Log Sauna With Propane Stove and Changing Room From TORCH

This beautiful handcrafted authentic cedar timber sauna is the perfect retreat for your backyard or the lake house!  Currently located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

With a good mix of traditional timber construction and modern windows, this sauna will bring a special experience anywhere it goes. With a propane sauna stove, this sauna provides the wonderful löyly (Finnish word for wonderful relaxing steam) that everyone enjoys along with the convenience of just turning it on with a dial!

Seat up to 6 people in the spacious 8×6 foot sauna room. The 5×6 foot changing room on the back offers plenty of space to relax.

Asking $26,000

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Torch Sauna
Brand Catalog: Torch

Mobile Cedar Timber Sauna Specs

Overall sauna dimensions

14ft long x 6ft 10in wide x 8ft 10in high (to peak)

Sauna room interior dimensions

7ft 8in long x 6ft 1in wide x 7ft high

Change room interior dimensions

5ft 4in long x 6ft 1in wide x 7ft high

Hot room bench length

7ft 8in


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Brand Catalog: Torch