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SaunaLife G7S Ready-Made European Luxury Sauna | SaunaLife G7 Series


The SaunaLife G7, or Saunum AirCube One as it’s known in Europe, where they are hand-crafted in Estonia by skilled, meticulous and diligent carpenters with years of experience. They use modern workshop techniques and carefully selected materials, paying close attention to the finest details. And it shows. The SaunaLife G7 has no visable fasteners, flaws, or cold spots when paired with a Saunum Air climate equalizing heater.

Saunum Classic Mini – High-End Prebuilt Outdoor Sauna

It’s hard to imagine a place where this sauna wouldn’t look good.  Lighting, ventilation, sound, and above all, excellent heat distribution make this one of the most impressive small saunas we’ve seen.  Small saunas have a tendency to feel ‘harsh’ but with Saunum’s patented air equalizing system you’ll leave it feeling better, not depleted.  Best of all, the Saunum Classic Mini comes fully assembled so it will always perform as intended and can be ready to use in a day.

Saunum AirCube 3 Prebuilt Outdoor Sauna

Europe’s favorite pre-built sauna is now available in North America, and this sauna does NOT disappoint.  Somehow even better in person, this sauna is built with meticulous attention to detail and remarkable quality control.  The AirCube can be dropped in place, wired, and ready for your new routine in a matter of hours.  Order now for a free LED lighting system and built-in bluetooth speakers!

This sauna is fully insulated (and then some).  If you want the best, contact Sauna Marketplace today for a planning session.


Saunum AirCube Double Prebuilt European Sauna with Changing Room

The Saunum AirCube double is the only prebuilt sauna with a changing room.  Ideal for a modern backyard sauna, gym, or commercial facility.  Every detail of this exceptional sauna has been precision built and optimized to European sauna standards.  This sauna pops with black painted thermo-spruce exterior and furniture grade thermo-Aspen throughout the interior rooms.

16ft Nomad Sauna Blackbird – N Carolina – PRICE DROPPED


Don’t miss out on this killer opportunity to start or add to your mobile sauna setup!

For sale is a custom unit that includes an additional 4 feet of deck space at the rear to accommodate a cold plunge or an area to take shoes off without getting feet dirty.

Featuring an ample wood fired HUUM stove, this space heats up in roughly 1 hr and is capable of reaching 200+ degrees F.
Full drop down functionality for a solid and accessible sauna.

Seats 8 people.

– Located in North Carolina

Reach out in the chat, or by call/text at (844) 565-1113 for more information.

12’x16’ Contemporary Outdoor Sauna With Attached Porch – Eau Claire, WI


This brand-new outdoor sauna on skids was custom-built for a customer who upgraded to a mobile sauna, and is available now at this great price from No Boundaries Sauna in Eau Claire, WI.

Haljas Hele Mini – Glass Sauna


The Haljas Hele Glass Mini is the smallest and coziest offering from Haljas’ exquisite Hele Glass series. Designed as a compact sanctuary that effortlessly integrates into your terrace or balcony, this outdoor sauna house comfortably accommodates up to 3 people, making it an intimate retreat for friends and family alike.

Auroom Garda – Prebuilt CLT Sauna With Two Layouts


Driven by simplicity and functionality, the Auroom Garda is a prebuilt, compact and stylish outdoor sauna for residential use. For those that want a more classic sauna layout with modest windows, insulated walls, and privacy. Available in two exterior finished and two layouts to get the view just right.

The Garda is made of CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) construction. CLT is a novel massive wood product, renowned for it’s exceptional stability and rigidity as well as sustainability.

SaunaLife G6 Garden Series Pre-Assembled Outdoor Sauna


Yes, it really is that good in person!  Introducing the SaunaLife G6, also known as the ‘Saunum Classic’ in Europe. This completely prebuilt outdoor sauna creates a modern nordic retreat, with floor-to-ceiling windows that welcome the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings into your new daily ritual. Designed for those who appreciate the details – from materials to operation to performance.

The G6 / Saunum Classic is steeped in the essence of Nordic design, characterized by its clean lines, functional elegance, and ‘built-to-last’ construction methods.  This sauna is ready for anything.  We recommend booking an appointment below to ensure a successful delivery, heater choice, and installation.



Don’t miss your chance to own one of the most unique saunas you’ll ever see! No Boundaries Saunas builds custom saunas using a variety of reclaimed materials. This 10×8′wood-burning sauna is covered by reclaimed barnwood from Eau Claire, Wisconsin on the outside, and new cedar on the inside. On a trailer, but can be converted to skids – ready for pickup.

Haljas Hele Glass Sauna


The Haljas Hele Glass Sauna won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2022 for this groundbreaking design.  “Hele Glass offers a surprising amount of space despite its compact size. Its aesthetic glass walls are a fascinating feature that allow the cube to blend into nature.” In stock now.

Auroom Natura Outdoor Modern Sauna with Changing Room


A sauna that is unmatched.  The Auroom Natura stands out with its thoughtful design, healing performance, and elegant sense of thermal exploration.

Auroom Arti – Prebuilt European Luxury Sauna


The Auroom Arti is a high-end modern outdoor sauna with a front porch.  It’s the smaller, more popular version of the Auroom Natura.  Choose between Aspen, Alder, and Thermally Modified Aspen at no extra cost.  In North America, the Arti arrives as a prebuilt/sauna kit hybrid with the walls and ceiling panels prebuilt.

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