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Portable Sauna Bench


Upgraded sauna bench designed for adventure.  Made of western red cedar and aluminum for maximum comfort, portability, and durability.  Get the portable sauna bench that will last.

Wool Sauna Hat


Handmade in Poland woolen Sauna hats (sauna cap) is a great way to keep your hair protected while in a sauna. Woolen hats offer the additional benefit of letting you stay and enjoy the sauna longer as it tricks part of your brain responsible for heat regulation.

Harvia Paraffin Oil For Sauna


Harvia’s Paraffin Oil is a versatile treatment for wood surfaces that aids in reducing moisture and dirt absorption, enhancing their lifespan. Ideal for use on new benches and for annual maintenance, it’s especially effective on heat-treated wood and alder surfaces. Although colorless, it subtly highlights the natural wood tones.  Harvia recommends you protect the benches and other frequently contacted surfaces with paraffin oil. It reduces the absorption of moisture and dirt into the wood and extends the benches’ life. Repeat the treatment 1–3 times a year, depending on how often the sauna is used.

KOLO Sauna Bucket and Ladle Set – Ladle Becomes Handle


The highest quality sauna bucket and ladle set on the market, this authentic sauna bucket and ladle set is made of aluminum and bamboo.  Storing the ladle in the bucket provides a perfect handle for easy transportation and safe handling.


Sauna Essential Oils – 2 Pack Special


Crafted by the Sauna Papi himself for newcomers and sauna veterans alike, this unique blend harmonizes premium essential oils to enhance your wellness ritual. This blend lends to various uses, whether you want to elevate your sauna experience, seek a natural deodorant, or even a gentle bug repellant. Immerse yourself in this aromatic symphony as it evokes the energizing spirit of the sauna and transports you to a tranquil forest retreat.

The Papi Stick


The Papi Stick ensures you are activating your proper breathing muscles, allows you to increase your lung capacity, slow your heart rate down, induces calm for your mind and enhances you ability to become mindful of the present moment.  The Papi Stick serves as a functional breathing device, a meditation tool and can be applied to the sauna & cold tub to take your contrast therapy to new levels.  If you can control your breath, you can better control your life. 

Sauna Whisk


The Authentic 20″ Birch Sauna Whisk is a traditional Finnish wellness tool made from select young birch tree twigs. It measures 20 inches in length and weighs 4 ounces. This whisk is used during sauna sessions for a special massage that stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. The birch leaves in the whisk release essential oils, saponins, glycosides, minerals, vitamin C, and provitamin A, which provide various health benefits. These include improving mood, cleaning and healing the skin, benefiting the scalp and hair, widening the main air passages to the lungs, and relieving pain in muscles and joints.

Thermory Thermo-Aspen 2×2 VA

Thermo-Aspen, Sauna Wood, 1″x2″ SI Curved Angle Molding

Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer Gauge in Fehrenheit


Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer Gauge for Precise Readings, Accurate and Reliable Measurement, and easy to read display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The Sickle – Body Brush


Whether you are a body brush pro or just a beginner, it is time to get to know our Sickle. A new kind of body brush in a very convenient shape facilitates the treatment of the whole body brushing, with a unique Tampico mixture and the horse’s hair, which provides excellent effects and a pleasant sensation.


As our most significant body organ, the skin plays a vital role in purifying the body from toxins and pollutants, potential sources of diseases. Dry body brushing accelerates self-cleaning of the body by stimulating the circulation of lymph and blood and peeling and unlocking the pores. What does this mean for us in practice? Quick removal of toxins of the organism, smooth skin without cellulite, uniform color. You do not need any dirty peeling with artificially crafted small particles. Body brushing is an incredibly effective peeling – and only 3 minutes a day.
Made in Poland

Kota Grill M6 – An Authentic Wood-Fired Grill and Fire Pit From Finland


Complete your outdoor oasis with the ultimate wood-fired grill – imported from Finland.  The perfect companion to any outdoor sauna.

Body brush with Tampico


This is your ultimate dry body brush. and it comes with two colors straps for him and her

Bathology Sauna Ceiling Lighting | IP68 Immersible Rating


A low-profile sauna lighting system designed for the aesthetics and demands of modern saunas.  Systems can be operated by a dimmer, or take advantage of the lighting function on your sauna controller.  Perfect for ceilings, bench fronts, and walkways.  The package includes one light and all the required system components.  Up to ten more lights can be added below.

Supi Saunavaha Clear Sauna Wax From Finland


Supi is the world’s most trusted interior sauna wax that is used to treat and protect the wood in a sauna. It helps to protect the wood from moisture and heat and can also enhance the natural beauty of the wood. It’s a great product to consider if you’re looking to maintain the longevity and appearance of your sauna.  Supi is recommended for thermally modified and raw wood.

Thermory Accessory Kit


Like everything they do, the Thermory Sauna Accessory Kit is modern, stylish, precise, and built to last.  Comes with a Bucket, Ladle, Thermometer-Hygrometer, and Sand Timer.

Bathology Sauna Light Bar Custom Package – Headrest and Under Bench Lighting


The Bathology Spectrum 360 is a touch-sensitive LED lighting control system for saunas. It allows you to easily control the power and brightness of up to 4 LED light bars, creating the perfect ambiance for your sauna experience.

The Spectrum 360 is easy to install and use. Simply mount the dimmer switch in a convenient location, connect the power supply and light bars, and you’re ready to go. The dimmer switch has a touch-sensitive surface that allows you to tap to turn the lights on or off, and hold to dim or brighten.

The Spectrum 360 is compatible with all Bathology Brilliance 360 LED light bars, which are available in a variety of sizes to fit any sauna. The light bars are IP67 rated for outdoor use, and they produce a warm, inviting light that is perfect for a relaxing sauna session.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you again for everything. The sauna is now complete and I have been enjoying it daily. This is a far better experience than the one at the gym. I’ve attached a photo so you can see the setup in my home.

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  2. Just wanted to thank you again for everything. The sauna is now complete and I have been enjoying it daily. This is a far better experience than the one at the gym. I’ve attached a photo so you can see the setup in my home.

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  3. I purchased the Thermory 61 and the delivery and the build instructions were great. The sauna is beautiful! I will say that I left the sauna uncovered and was surprised by the amount of water that entered the sauna when we had a driving rain shortly after it was built. I’m torn on whether to put a permanent roof on it because the sauna itself is just so dang beautiful.

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  4. Where do I start?! I would give Ben and Sauna Marketplace 10 stars if I could. I started out on the journey of researching saunas early this year and asked dozens and dozens of questions. Ben was extraordinary with his patience and detailed responses. During the process, someone told me about the Saunum heater which was just released in the states this year. This added another layer of questions as the Saunum heater is simply too big for the smaller barrels. I think Ben and I had a string of 50 emails back and forth before I made the purchase.

    Once I made the decision to buy a Thermory 61 with a Saunum 7 heater, delivery was just as advertised. The customer service didn’t end there though…

    Once the barrel was built, it was time to install and connect the heater. Turns out that the electricians that I hired messed up the wiring from the breaker box to the sauna and for a period of time, the heater would just not heat correctly. Before we discovered the electrician’s rookie mistake, Ben and his tech team stayed involved and helped me through the trouble shooting process. They were very patient and responsive.

    Thank you Ben!!

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