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How Much Do Outdoor Saunas Cost? Less (and more) Than You Think.

Outdoor saunas cost anywhere from $1600 to $100,000.

That’s a big range, but even the low end of the range doesn’t compromise heat and steam.  If you’ve been putting off a home sauna for a while, maybe it’s time to look at sauna tents or barrel saunas to start getting the benefits right away.

And if you have big outdoor sauna dreams (and matching budget), chances are there’s a luxury sauna builder for you. At the bottom of this post you’ll see one of the highest end outdoor saunas we’ve ever seen.

Here’s a quick view of available outdoor saunas that are in stock today. Make sure to contact us for a customized catalog.

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Under $2,000 USD

But first, let’s start with the most affordable options.

Prism Sauna Tents from North Shore Sauna can reach temperatures over 200 degrees, even in Northern Minnesota winters.  How do we know?  Because North Shore Saunas is located on the shore of Lake Superior and tested in extreme weather.

Of all the Morzh alternatives that recently came to market in the US and Canada, these have had the best reviews, by far.  The solid stove design truly sets it apart from the competition.  

Can you get a solid sauna tent for less than $1500?  In more temperate climates a standard Vevor fishing tent ($129 USD) and camp stove ($213 USD) can actually get the job done (we tried it).  However, there’s more work involved (need a chimney hole kit) and the products would not be used the way the manufacturer recommends.  

It’s probably spending the extra money on a sauna tent that’s designed for the purpose – like the Prism Sauna Tent from North Shore.

Under $5,000 USD

Moving up to the $4,000-$10,000 range, barrel sauna kits are a great option for starter saunas.  We recommend Thermally treated barrel saunas because they won’t expand and contract as much – which will lead to gaps and leaks every time.

By design, barrel saunas have over 500 feet of cumulative cracks where the staves come together. It’s a really neat design, but they will leak every time. Make sure you buy a barrel sauna with a roof, rain jacket, or add one soon.

The Thermory Barrel Saunas are thermally treated, come with a rain jacket, and ship out of Chicago. We highly recommend them, and you can buy them here.

At the $10,000-18k range you have prebuilt barrel saunas, sauna pods, and custom built saunas without changing rooms.

Sota Sauna, a 8×6′ sauna at auction on Sauna Marketplace for under $10k

Pod sauna kits start around $9,500

pod sauna

In the $20-$30,000 range we have prefabricated saunas that look like custom builds. The good ones are made in Europe, and delivered fully assembled. Not you may need a crane to get these into their final resting place.

Haljas Hele Glass Sauna

The Haljas Hele is a remarkable, award winning sauna you have to see to believe. They are now in stock and ready to ship out of Chicago.

Expect to pay around $30k for a high end, prefab sauna with delivery.

The Sauna LIfe prefab is also in stock, and shipping out of Chicago for under $30k.

It’s a fully assembled, plug-and play outdoor sauna from Estonia.

SaunaLife Outdoor Sauna Prefab

From there, we enter the $30k plus range of custom and mobile saunas. The highest end saunas are often featured on our sauna auction page and can sell for up to $90,000

Here’s one of the highest end mobile saunas we’ve ever seen, Spa On Wheels.

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