Submerge Genesis Tub (Tub Only)

State of the art, affordable, durable and portable cold plunge.

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Available on backorder

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Submerge Wellness
Brand Catalog: Submerge

The cold plunge Genesis tub is the state of the art and affordable cold plunge you have been looking for. Submerge into wellness either at home or on the go! These large, highly durable tubs are made from military grade PVC and are designed to be permanent or portable, indoors or outdoors.

This Genesis Tub is 175X80X67cm and designed to be comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes to help foster a deeper sense of relaxation during your submersion. A person 6’3 can fully spread out or you can easily fit 2 people so you can plunge with a partner!


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Brand Catalog: Submerge