Inergize Cold Plunge Tub Review

Inergize Cold Plunge Reviews

Are you looking for an efficient, portable cold plunge tub that you can leave in your backyard or bring on adventures?

Look no further than the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub. Currently available at a discounted price, this tub offers a range of features that make it a valuable addition to your wellness routine. Buy it now and use the coupon code ‘SAUNASHARE’ for an additional $150 off.

The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is an ultra-comfortable, drop-stitch inflatable tub boasting a unique blend of portability and comfort. Its modular design allows for an easy setup and breakdown, making it a perfect choice for those frequently on the go or those who frequently host or attend events.

Weighing only 25 lbs, the Inergize tub redefines portability. The tub includes a duffle carry bag designed for hassle-free transportation and storage. The tub conveniently rolls into this bag, making it a great choice for mobile saunas, pop-up saunas, and sauna tents.

When it comes to performance, the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is unmatched. It cools down to an impressive 37F and maintains this temperature with the help of a potent 3/4HP chiller. This chiller cools the water from 65°F to 37°F within 4-5 hours. With an internal depth of 30″, it caters to individuals over 6ft, surpassing many of its competitors.

The Inergize tub offers 24/7 clean water with its filtration and Ozone system, minimizing the frequency of water replacement. This means you can enjoy your cold plunge more often without worrying about bi-weekly water replacements. Maintenance is straightforward, requiring only a monthly micron filter replacement and weekly water sanitation.

One of the key features of the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is the innovative app control. Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can remotely customize and control the tub’s temperature. This level of convenience truly sets it apart from other models on the market.

The tub’s outer dimensions are 48″ x 27″ x 30″, and the interior measures 42″ x 20.5″ x 30″. With a low noise level of 50dB and a water volume of 60-70 gallons, it offers a quiet and relaxing plunge experience.

The package includes everything you need: the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub, a duffle carry bag, quick connect hoses, a fabric top cover, an inflatable top cover, a hand debris net, 4 months of sanitation solution, a 1-micron filter, garden hose drainage, a dual-action hand pump, and a 1-year warranty. The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for cold-water therapy enthusiasts. Buy now and remember to use the coupon code ‘SAUNASHARE’ for an extra $150 off.

Inergize VS PLUNGE

When comparing the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub and the PLUNGE, several key differences make the Inergize stand out in terms of portability, temperature control, power, app control, and depth, which could be more appealing to specific users.

Luckily, Plunge is better at making cold plunges than they are at designing saunas.

Portability: The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is significantly lighter when empty and filled, making it easier to move around. This portability is further enhanced by its smaller dimensions and the fact it can be deflated and packed into a duffle bag, making it a convenient option for those who need to move it frequently or have limited space.

Temperature Control: Inergize offers superior temperature control, capable of reaching a minimum temperature of 37°F. The PLUNGE, on the other hand, can only reach a minimum of 39°F. This 2°F difference might seem small, but it can significantly impact the effectiveness of cold therapy.

Power: The Inergize plunge tub boasts a more powerful 3/4HP chiller, which can cool the water faster and maintain the cold temperature more efficiently. In contrast, the PLUNGE tub only has a 1/4HP chiller.

App Control: The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub also offers technology integration advantages. It comes with app control, allowing users to adjust the temperature and schedule remotely. This feature is not available with the PLUNGE tub.

Depth: The Inergize tub has a depth of 30 inches, making it a suitable choice for taller individuals who want to be fully submerged without needing to contend uncomfortably. With its depth of 24 inches, the PLUNGE may not be as accommodating for taller users.

In summary, while both tubs have unique advantages, the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub offers greater portability, better temperature control, more power, smart control via an app, and a deeper design for taller individuals.

FeatureInergize Cold Plunge TubPlunge
Weight (empty)25 lbs150 lbs
Weight (filled)600-700 lbs1,000 lbs
Dimensions (LWH)48″ x 27″ x 30″67″ x 43″ x 24″
Internal Depth30″24″
Cooling Power (HP)3/4 HP1/4 HP
Min Temp37°F39°F
App ControlYesNo
Noise Level (dB)50 dBUnknown
Water Capacity (gallons)60-70~100
Plumbing RequiredNoNo
Electrical RequirementsGrounded 120V/60 HZ power supply on 15A circuitStandard 110V outlet, 15 amp dedicated breaker
Warranty1 year1 year

Inergize Cold Plunge Tub Reviews

The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub has received an overwhelmingly positive response from its users, with many lauding its portability, performance, and convenience.

Many users were quick to highlight the portability of the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub. Its lightweight and compact design and the included duffle carry bag have made it a favorite among individuals who value flexibility. Whether for those frequently on the move or those hosting or attending events, the Inergize tub’s easy setup and breakdown process has been highly praised.

Performance-wise, the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub has not disappointed. Users have been particularly impressed with the tub’s ability to cool down to 37F, a feature that clearly distinguishes it from other cold plunge tubs. This, along with the powerful 3/4HP chiller that maintains the cold temperature, has earned the Inergize tub high marks for its performance.

The 30″ internal depth of the tub, which caters to individuals over 6ft, has been another aspect users have been happy with. Several reviewers have noted how this feature, along with the overall comfort of the tub, has significantly enhanced their cold plunge experience.

The Inergize tub’s filtration and Ozone system, which ensures clean water 24/7, has also been widely commended. Users appreciated the reduced frequency of water replacement, enabling them to plunge more often without the hassle of frequent water changes. The ease of maintenance, with simple monthly micron filter replacements and weekly water sanitation, has made the Inergize tub an even more appealing choice.

A standout feature for many users has been the innovative app control. The ability to remotely customize and control the tub’s temperature via an app has been lauded as a significant advantage, bringing a level of convenience that is unmatched in many other models.

Finally, users were pleased with the overall specifications and what’s included in the package. The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub’s dimensions, low noise level, and the range of included accessories, from the quick connect hoses to the 1-year warranty, have all contributed to its high user satisfaction.

The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub has been applauded for its portability, performance, and user-friendly features. It has consistently delivered on its promise of providing a superior cold-water therapy experience, making it a popular choice among users.


In conclusion, the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is a top-tier choice for anyone searching for a reliable, portable, and high-performing cold plunge tub. It goes beyond just a piece of equipment; it’s a lifestyle enhancer, offering a convenient and user-friendly way to incorporate cold-water therapy into daily routines.

Its exceptional portability is an ideal option for those leading dynamic lifestyles. Its performance, particularly the ability to cool down to 37F and maintain this temperature with a powerful 3/4HP chiller, places it in a league of its own. The 30″ internal depth, suitable for taller individuals, is a thoughtful addition that adds to its appeal.

The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub doesn’t compromise on convenience. The innovative app control, enabling remote temperature customization, along with the filtration and Ozone system that ensure clean water 24/7, make it a truly user-friendly model. Furthermore, the simple maintenance requirements are a bonus that users will undoubtedly appreciate.

The Inergize Cold Plunge Tub offers an impressive package. Alongside the tub, the range of included accessories and the 1-year warranty make it a worthwhile investment.

So, whether you’re a seasoned cold plunge enthusiast or a beginner looking to embark on the journey, the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is an excellent choice. It’s a testament to the fusion of functionality, design, and technology, promising an unparalleled cold-water therapy experience.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and elevate your wellness routine, you can purchase the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub here. Don’t forget to use our coupon code ‘SAUNASHARE’ at checkout to get $150 off! Here’s to your health and well-being!