Is an Outdoor Igloo Pod Sauna Right For You?

Want a unique outdoor sauna that can be shipped as a kit, set up in a day, heats up fast, and provides plenty of headroom?  The pod sauna might be right for you.

The Pod Sauna, also known as a Rain-Drop Sauna, or Igloo Sauna in Europe was made popular in North America by Dundalk Leisure Craft, you can even buy a pod sauna at Costco these days, if you live in Canada.

Whatever you call them, they are derived from the popular ‘Igloo Cabins’ in Eastern Europe.  To this day, companies like BZB Cabins in Estonia are some of the best places to buy Igloo Sauna kits.

Because Pod Saunas can be manufactured as outdoor sauna kits that can be easily shipped and assembled on site, companies like BZB can reach the North American market with their Igloo Saunas.

What is a Pod Sauna?

Pod saunas are similar to barrel saunas but they have a flat floor, exterior cladding or shingles, and a taller ceiling in the middle. Compared to a barrel sauna, the benefits of a pod sauna include:

  • Pod Saunas don’t leak (common problem with barrel saunas)
  • Better insulation
  • Better thermal mass
  • You can stand up! 7′ height in the center is common.

The extra layer of cladding or shingles is responsible for the first three benefits.  If you want to achieve these benefits with a barrel sauna, you could add a vapor barrier and roof.  Additionally, if you want a barrel sauna that you can stand up in, you can buy a 7′ diameter barrel sauna from CasaDeSauna in Ontario.

The two layers of wood really improves the thermal performance and quality of heat of the sauna.

But a lot of people just prefer the look of a pod sauna.  They are unique but not as unusual as a barrel sauna.

How to Assemble and Build a Pod Sauna

Seeing how these saunas come together tells you a lot about how they are constructed and built.  Here’s how the Dundalk Leisure Craft Pod Sauna kit comes together. Note the Dundalk Sauna Pod uses exterior wood cladding but most European Igloo saunas use shingles instead.

These kits save a ton of time but it would be possible to build a DIY Pod Sauna from scratch.  Has anyone attempted this?

Tools To Assemble an Outdoor Pod Sauna

  • 2 people
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Carpenter’s Hammer
  • 6′ Step Ladder
  • Cordless Drill
  • Carpenter’s Level
  • Tape Measure

Where To Buy and Pod Sauna Reviews

Sauna Marketplace has a great deal worked out with BZB Saunas to offer our readers a discount.  Click the ‘Shop Pod Saunas’ button to find yours.

You can also buy a pod sauna at Costco (Canada only), Ebay, and Amazon.  Here’s a quick overview of the market…

BZB Igloo Sauna

As we mentioned, we have a deal worked out with BZB, so contact us or look for the ‘Promotions’ tab for details.  The BZB Igloo Sauna is a two room sauna with a nice changing room and room for eight people.  They ship for free to most places.  Check them it out here.

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Is an Outdoor Igloo Pod Sauna Right For You? 1

Aleko Pod Sauna

The Aleko Pod Sauna is a basic but effective model.  It’s the cheapest pod sauna you can find, but if you’re looking for a cheap outdoor sauna we recommend a barrel sauna.  Aleko Saunas are available on Ebay.

RG Saunas Pod Sauna

RG Saunas builds Barrel Saunas and Pod Saunas in Ontario, Canada.  They are also available for rent if you want to test out a pod sauna before you buy one.  You can check out their sauna rentals here.  RG Pod Saunas sell for $8300 CAD and come with a wood burning stove.  They are 8′ long, 7′ wide, and 7′ tall.

Timberin Saunas

If you’re in Europe, you can check out BZB Cabins, but there are also some great craft Pod Sauna builders you can choose from.  Timberin makes really cool igloo saunas that we wish we could buy in North America.  Based in Lithuania, their Igloo Sauna is actually their best selling sauna, which demonstrates how much more popular they are in Europe.


Mobile Pod Sauna

Pod Saunas make excellent mobile saunas and rental saunas.

Casa De Sauna Barrel-Pod Hybrid Sauna

Casa De Sauna is the only company in the world specializing in mobile barrel saunas.  They recently began building a barrel-pod hybrid with straight walls, which looks really cool and provides some of the benefits of both barrel and pod saunas.  Here’s what it looks like!

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You can get in touch with Casa De Sauna on our buyer platform here.

Besides Casa De Sauna, there’s a mobile sauna pod for sale on Amazon:

  • Is an Outdoor Igloo Pod Sauna Right For You? 2
  • Is an Outdoor Igloo Pod Sauna Right For You? 3
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  • Is an Outdoor Igloo Pod Sauna Right For You? 7
  • Is an Outdoor Igloo Pod Sauna Right For You? 8
  • Is an Outdoor Igloo Pod Sauna Right For You? 9
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