Haljas Heli Glass Sauna

The Haljas Hele Glass Sauna won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2022 for this groundbreaking design.  “Hele Glass offers a surprising amount of space despite its compact size. Its aesthetic glass walls are a fascinating feature that allow the cube to blend into nature.” In stock now.


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Hele Glass Single is an octagon shaped panoramic sauna that has won the prestigious Red Dot award.

It fits up to 7 people and is designed to enrich and amplify the environment.

The structure is made of CLT panels, glulam posts and double glazed mirrorglass.

For lighting, we use LED IP-65 strips both inside and outside.

There are three interior options: standard, premium and luxury. All of them are available in two color options: light (aspen) or dark (thermo alder).

The heater selection depends on the interior solution. An electric heater is available for all of the interior options. Woodfired heater is only available for standard interior.

Ventilation method depends on the heater type.

With an electric heater there is mechanical ventilation and with a wood-fired heater there is natural ventilation.

Hele Glass is an octagonal panoramic sauna with double-glazed, mirrored walls that provide natural light but simultaneously offer privacy. The tempered glass furthermore features UV-lamination that birds can safely detect. Despite its compact size, the structure can accommodate up to seven people while sitting around a centrally positioned heater. The good ventilation controls as well as the LED lighting can be operated remotely by mobile

Hele Glass Single is an octagon shaped panoramic sauna that has won the prestigious Red Dot award. It fits up to 7 people and is designed to enrich and amplify the environment.

Hele Glass Single is Haljas most prestigious sauna from their Hele Glass series. Winner of the Red Dot award, this octagon shaped, panoramic sauna is designed to enrich and amplify the environment. Hele Single Standard interior charms with its simple but elegant sauna stage, which comfortably accommodates up to 4 people. The Hele Single Standard has been designed for use with a 12kW wood-fired sauna stove (sauna stove and chimney kit sold separately).


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