Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer

The Auroom Thermometer and Hygrometer is the perfect copilot to dial in your sauna room.  Precisely engineered to measure temperature (in Celsius) and humidity, this 2-in-1 device ensures your sauna operates at optimal levels every time.

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Auroom Thermometer and Hygrometer Manual

Superior Convenience with Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer

The Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer bring unprecedented convenience to your sauna experience. This 2-in-1 device combines the functionalities of a thermometer and hygrometer, making it easier than ever to monitor temperature and humidity in your sauna.

Sleek Design of Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer

With a stylish black powder-coated stainless steel casing, the Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer seamlessly integrates into any sauna decor. Its sleek design is more than just aesthetically pleasing—it’s a testament to the thoughtfulness of Auroom’s craftsmanship.

Clear and Easy-to-Read Display

With its clear mineral glass cover, the Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer ensure that temperature (in Celsius) and humidity readings are always easy to decipher, enhancing your sauna experience.

Device Specifications and Features

Units of Measurement

The Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer offer critical information about your sauna environment. It measures temperature in Celsius and humidity in percent of relative moisture—just what you need to ensure ideal sauna conditions.

Measurement Range

The Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer can measure a temperature range of 20 to 140 degrees Celsius and a humidity range from 0 to 100%, catering to all sauna types and personal preferences.

Recommended Installation

For the Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer to give the most accurate readings, it’s best to install it 20-30 cm below the sauna ceiling. This strategic placement enhances its efficiency and accuracy.

Understanding Sauna Climate

The Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer is your key to understanding and controlling your sauna’s unique climate. Controlling these elements with significant temperature drops and varying humidity levels will enhance your sauna experience.

Operation and Maintenance

Factory Precision

Every Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer is meticulously checked and calibrated under sauna conditions at our factory, ensuring the highest accuracy in your sauna.

On-Site Correction

If your Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer need adjustment after transport, it can be easily corrected using a suitable screwdriver. This ensures that you always receive the most accurate readings.

Optimal Sauna Conditions for Wellness

You can achieve the ideal sauna conditions with the Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer. Typically, a temperature of 80 to 90 °C with a relative humidity of 8 to 15% is considered optimal. Let Auroom help you attain these conditions for the best sauna experience.

Embrace the Ultimate Sauna Experience with Auroom

The Auroom Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer is more than just a sauna accessory—it’s your gateway to a perfect sauna experience. By measuring temperature in Celsius and humidity, it helps you create the ideal sauna conditions, making your wellness our priority.


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About Auroom

Auroom: Mastery in Sauna Craftsmanship


Auroom, a Thermory-owned company, prides itself on delivering excellence in sauna craftsmanship. With a track record of over 20 years in the industry, Auroom takes inspiration from the centuries-old sauna traditions of Northern Europe to offer the best sauna experience in the modern age. With Thermory, a world leader in thermally modified wood, as their parent company, Auroom guarantees the quality and consistency of its raw materials.

Excellence in Craftsmanship

Auroom's master craftsmen meticulously select every piece of timber used in their saunas, regardless of the part it plays, from the high-quality materials available to them. This rigorous selection process ensures the longevity of their products and prevents potential issues arising during their use. Depending on client needs, Auroom saunas are built using thermally modified and natural timber. Thermally modified timber offers aesthetic value, extraordinary stability, and longevity. Conversely, the right type of unmodified timber rewards with its characteristic natural aroma, unique grain, and excellent performance at high temperatures.

Quality Control and Testing

The company emphasizes quality control, prioritizing assembling and testing all saunas in their factory before delivery to clients. This process guarantees that all parts fit together perfectly and allows for final adjustments and polish to ensure the unrivaled quality of their products. All components and additional materials are sourced from reliable, long-standing partners and subjected to thorough testing.

Design Philosophy

Auroom's design approach is centered on the people they are crafting for and their well-being. Every detail of their designer saunas provides both functional and aesthetic value. The ultimate goal is to boost people's physical and mental well-being through sauna experiences that bring balance to the mind, body, and soul. Auroom saunas are unique thanks to the exciting materials they use, the attractive tone and finish of their timber, and the exclusive timber profiles they have developed. The company offers a wide range of models, giving customers plenty of options to accessorize and personalize their saunas to complement various lifestyles and interiors.

Team and Innovation

Auroom's professional team consists of leading specialists in every field, from design to manufacturing. The team's development arm is dedicated to innovative ideas and solutions, allowing Auroom to offer wellness solutions for even the most demanding requirements. This includes special home sauna projects for private clients and entire sauna complexes for public use in spa hotels. The company invests heavily in team development and smarter production, following Lean management principles. Auroom's vision is to be a recognized brand in the wellness sector, with products that speak for themselves.


Being a Thermory-owned company, Auroom benefits from the parent company's commitment to sustainability. Thermory is known for its eco-friendly thermally modified wood, making Auroom saunas a sustainable choice for those who value the environment. In conclusion, Auroom combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to provide high-quality saunas focusing on wellness and customer satisfaction.Sauna Marketplace couldn't be prouder to feature Thermory, a global leader in sustainable wood sourcing and thermal modification, in our esteemed collection of sauna products. As an industry innovator, Thermory revolutionizes the sauna landscape by harnessing the natural beauty of responsibly sourced woods such as Aspen, Alder, and Nordic Spruce, while championing chemical-free processes to make saunas more durable and beautiful. Thermory’s commitment to exceptional quality is evident in its proprietary thermal modification process. Using heat and steam naturally enhances the wood's properties, creating products that set the rot resistance and longevity standard. With a team of expert wood scientists and advanced technology, Thermory achieves precision in every batch processed in their 20,000 square ft. chambers. This meticulous control over the modification process results in unrivaled product durability and stability, offering significant resistance to moisture. Thermory is unique in how every fiber of the wood is altered, right down to its core, through its innovative thermal modification process. The company's Smooth-Kissed Milling technique also ensures that each board is consistently smooth, straight, and reliable - a testament to Thermory's refusal to compromise on excellence. At Sauna Marketplace, we offer a wide range of Thermory products that have consistently proven their quality through third-party testing, including rot resistance, stability, fire safety, strength, and termite resistance. These products include world-renowned thermally treated sauna wood, barrel saunas, doors, and vents. Each of these products showcases the blend of natural beauty and enhanced function that Thermory is famous for. And it doesn't stop there.  Thermory is behind Auroom, the best sauna kits and outdoor preassembled saunas which are now available in North America on When you choose Thermory products from Sauna Marketplace, you're investing in more than just a product. You're choosing a piece of expertly crafted, responsibly sourced wood that balances natural aesthetics with outstanding performance, longevity, and rich color. Trust in Thermory to deliver a sauna experience that is as durable as satisfying.
Brand Catalog: Auroom Thermory


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