SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor “HOBBIT” Pod Sauna with Changing Room

The Saunalife G11 is an enchanting 2-room outdoor sauna with thermally modified wood changing room and sauna with ergonomic benches, roof kit, a high bench for an optimal sauna environment, and proper ventilation.

Available on backorder


Available on backorder

The SaunaLife G11 pairs well with 9-11KW electric sauna heater or small wood stove. Sized to reach 180 degrees F in your climate zone. All heaters include rocks and free shipping. Contact us for other custom options and requirements.

Price includes rocks, chimney kit, and safety shields if required.

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Experience the relaxing and invigorating experience of sauna bathing in the comfort of your own backyard with the SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor Home Sauna. This spacious 2-room sauna features a changing room and a sauna room, both made of thermally modified wood that is resistant to moisture and decay. The ergonomic benches are designed to provide comfort and support, while the high bench in the sauna room creates the optimal sauna environment. The sauna also features proper ventilation for a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The SaunaLife Model G11 is beautifully designed with a Thermo-spruce exterior and 2-tier, L shaped sauna benching. The whimsical design and round windows allow you to relax and enjoy the nature while you are bathing. The lockable wooden front door with three decorative windows provides privacy and security. The sauna can accommodate up to 8 bathers, making it perfect for family and friends.

Here are some of the features of the SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor Home Sauna:

  • 2-room design with changing room and sauna
  • Made of thermally modified wood
  • Ergonomic benches
  • Roof kit with shingles
  • High bench for optimal sauna environment
  • Proper ventilation
  • Beautiful and durable Thermo-spruce exterior
  • 2-tier, L shaped sauna benching
  • Whimsical design that improves relaxation
  • Round windows that allow for your nature viewing
  • Lockable wooden front door with three decorative windows
  • Up to 8 bathers
  • Designed by SaunaLife and handcrafted in Northern Europe

Order your SaunaLife Model G11 Outdoor Home Sauna today and experience the relaxing and invigorating benefits of sauna bathing!

The SaunaLife G11 Includes:

  • Full-length Thermo-Pine staves (1.65” thick)
  • Benches of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” bench tops, no knots)
  • Backrest of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” rests, no knots)
  • Front Room benches of Thermo-Pine ( 1“ thick )
  • Terrace Benches and table of thermo pine (1.1“ thick“)
  • Sauna Room Floor grid of Thermo Pine ( 0,7“ Thick)
  • Tempered bronze glass door between front room and sauna room
  • Wooden door with 3 windows ( Standard glass ) – lockable
  •  round window in front wall ( Standard glass )
  • Openable window in back wall
  • Stainless steel barrel bands
  • Black roof shingle kit
  • Extra roofing underlay to go under shingles
  • Spruce cradles, Spruce fascia board
  •  Air intake and exhaust vents
  •  Extra staves (2)
  • Fastener kit

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SaunaLife Model G11 Installation Guide

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About SaunaLife

SaunaLife is a brand of both entry-level and premium saunas for the North American market. They are passionate about saunas and their life-changing benefits, and they are dedicated to making high-quality, affordable saunas accessible to everyone.

SaunaLife saunas are constructed with beautiful, sustainably sourced woods from Northern Europe. Their saunas are designed and engineered in collaboration with Nordic innovators, and they are built in the spirit of the "sauna way."

SaunaLife saunas are available in a variety of models, including indoor and outdoor saunas. They also offer a variety of accessories, such as heaters, benches, and buckets.

If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable sauna, SaunaLife is a great option. They offer a variety of models to choose from, and they are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Brand Catalog: SaunaLife