Don’t miss your chance to own one of the most unique saunas you’ll ever see! No Boundaries Saunas builds custom saunas using a variety of reclaimed materials. This 10×8′wood-burning sauna is covered by reclaimed barnwood from Eau Claire, Wisconsin on the outside, and new cedar on the inside. On a trailer, but can be converted to skids – ready for pickup.

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Only 1 left in stock

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Graham Barnes

This unique, custom-made, outdoor wood-fired sauna by No Boundaries Saunas is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering you and your family the health and wellness benefits of sauna therapy; and it’s sure to be the talk of your neighborhood for years to come.


  • Rustic Steel Roof (Reclaimed from Rural Dunn County, WI Outbuilding)
  • Interior Cedar Coverage (Hand Milled In Rural Eau Claire County, WI)
  • Custom Built Bench Seats, Upper & Lower For Two Heat Zones
  • Cedar Floor
  • Wood Storage Area Beneath Bench
  • Custom Built Door w/Large Window
  • Two Upper Windows
  • Wood Stove (M3 Series – Harvia) with stainless class a double wall vent pipe, powder coated Slate heat shield (reclaimed slate from Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s 1st Catholic school circa 1930)
  • Two Custom Built Wall Sconce Interior Lights & Stea m Punk-Style Exterior Light
  • One Interior Outlet & Exterior Plugin
  • Built on Reclaimed Trailer (can be converted to skids)
  • R-11 Insulation & Vapor barrier

The exterior of this sauna is a testament to No Boundaries Saunas’ commitment to sustainability and the preservation of history. The reclaimed barnwood used to side the sauna adds a rustic charm from America’s Dairyland that effortlessly blends into any outdoor environment. Every piece of barnwood has been sourced from rural Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, paying homage to its heritage and giving new life to weathered materials that simply can’t be reproduced.

Inside you’re greeted by the warm embrace of a cedar interior that exudes a natural and soothing aroma. The carefully handcrafted interior of this sauna showcases the timeless beauty of cedar while providing a smooth and inviting atmosphere. At the heart of this extraordinary sauna is a Harvia M3 Series wood burning stove, providing a powerful and invigorating heat. Indulge your mind and senses with as the fire crackles and the enveloping warmth of the fire penetrates all of your being. The wood-fired stove provides a consistently comfortable temperature, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate in a private, relaxing environment truly.

About The Builder

No Boundaries Tiny Homes™ also is also a Wisconsin sauna builder that utilizes materials from deconstructed buildings to create one-of-a-kind saunas for sale in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

No Boundaries offers a variety of sauna styles and options for your family home, vacation property or as an additional amenity for your short term rental. If you’re looking to buy a sauna in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, No Boundaries has you covered!

No Boundaries Saunas are built utilizing reclaimed materials acquired through deconstruction and architectural salvage. All sauna interiors include NEW cedar coverage, lighting and stove.


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