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Please tell us more about where the sauna will be located. Is it a current closet, unfinished basement, in a garage, etc. Is it easy to get materials to? Is the existing structure and subfloor in good condition?


Please tell us any other notes about the dimensions. Did you measure before it’s gutted? Is there a chimney going through the sauna? Is the ceiling slanted? Tell us here.


What electrical work will the sauna builder be responsible for? Note: electrician may be required, especially if panel upgrade is required.

Tell us about what you’d like for lighting, electrical outlets, speakers, etc. How far is the electrical panel? Is your neighbor an electrician who will do the final hookup? Tell us here.

Details and dimensions about doors and windows

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Exterior Materials

Aspen, Cedar, Nordic Spruce, Painted Spruce, Painted Thermo-Pine, Painted Thermo-Spruce, Thermo-Aspen, Thermo-Pine, Thermo-Spruce

Interior Materials

Alder, Aspen, Nordic Spruce, Thermo-Aspen, Thermo-Spurce


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