8 Most Stunning Sauna Views In The World

Best Barrel Sauna View: Kings Island Escapes in Tasmania, Australia

The best barrel sauna view in the world sin’t a mountain view, but an ocean beach view.

And what a sauna it is.

It’s the secluded Kings Island Retreat with their iconic outdoor spa and sauna for taking in the Tasmanian Sunsets. It’s a big, luxury rental (sleeps 8) – probably not in the cards for most of us but they do have a discount for SaunaShare people for 50% off their 4th night and 25% off car hire.

Bookings must be made before 29th of February 2020 for dates not later than 15th of December 2020. DM us for details and instructions to redeem. Check out the SaunaShare instagram for more details.

Barrel saunas are an excellent way to get saunas to hard to reach locations.  They can be shipped, flown, or floated to the location and assembled on site.

Best Floating Sauna View: Great Bear Sauna at Nimmo Bay – Canada

The Great Bear Sauna is a floating sauna in the middle of Nimmo Bay – built by the Nimmo Bay Resort.

This is one of the most remote saunas in the world, as you can only access the resort by helicopter or floatplane, you then need to reach the middle of the bay for a much deserved sauna sessions (don’t forget to bring firewood!).

Then take in the old growth forest views and sparkling glacial water from your private floating sauna island.

Built by the Anian manufacturing group in partnership with the resort to provide resort guests with a truly unforgettable sauna experience.

Only available in the summer.

Northern Lights Sauna Views: Lofoten Islands Norway

If you spend too much time looking at saunas on social media (guilty!) following you already know that Lofoten Islands in Norway is particularly blessed with amazing sauna views.

Home of ”majestic mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies, and long, surf-swept beaches.” There are at least three public or resort saunas where travelers can take in the mountain views, the fjords, and the Norther Lights.

Lofoten Sauna will deliver the mobile, wood burning barrel sauna and set it up for maximum relaxation.  How cool is it to know that depending on where you have the sauna delivered, you are the first to experience that exact sauna view?

The crazy thing about the small island chain in northern Norway is that this is only one option for viewing the Northern lights and scenery from a sauna.

Mobile saunas are among the best way to experience sauna views in beautiful area.  Mobile sauna rentals are becoming much more popular and are more available than you might think.

Lofoten Sauna can be booked on SaunaShare.

RIP – Rifugio Lagazuoi Barrel Sauna in The Italian Alps

After a terrible storm in 2018, Rifugio Lagazuoi lost the title of the best sauna view in the world.  The sauna blew off the mountain in a windstorm every bit as tragic as the fire of Notre Dame.

We hope it will rebuild and regain its place.

The sauna was the highest in the Dolomites, near the France, Italy, Switzerland border – a popular sauna tourism destination.

The Marmotte Mountain Chamonix Chalex is now the go-to destination for sauna views of the Mont Blanc region alps while Rifugio Lagazuoi (hopefully) rebuilds their barrel sauna. 

We visited in 2019 and the barrel sauna is incredible!

The Yllas Gondola Sauna in Northern Finland

If you want to really warm up between ski runs, take the worlds only Gondola Sauna to the top.  We looked for airplane saunas, and this is as close to a flying sauna as you’ll get (for now).

The gondola sauna at this ski resort in Northern Finland offers breathtaking views from the sauna bench as you climb the mountain.

The sauna must be booked well in advance and fills up in the winter.

The gondola can take 3-4 people to the top where they can enjoy showers, a fireplace, and stunning views.  While they claim to be the only sauna gondola in the world, they will soon loose that claim (more sauna gondolas coming soon!).

The sauna gondola offers ski resorts an incredible opportunity to offer guests a world class sauna view and way to warm up and enjoy the slopes in new ways.  We’re sure you’ll see many more gondola saunas in the future.

Lesna Sauna – Community Forest Sauna In Slovakia

The amazing Lesná Sauna, which translates to Forest Sauna in Slovak is the result of a collaboration between skillful artists and architects in the small eastern village of Spišský Hrhov.

As the name suggests, Lesna sauna is designed to connect you with forests and the natural beauty of the area.  While this sauna doesn’t offer the expansive view of the others, it provides an intimate experience with nature.

It’s a space for connecting communities, meditation, and contemplating your surroundings. The Forest Sauna project in Spišský Hrhov brings quality architecture and an original concept fitting the natural environment.

The sauna is open to all for free or for a donation. The maintenance of the sauna performed by the inhabitants of the village who were involved in the project already during the preparation and construction.

Visitors coming from the vast surrounding nature enter the object stepping on the terrace running all around. The next, indoor layer is cool and illuminated, thank the polycarbonate cladding.

Functionally the rest area and changing room lead to the core, a traditional wood-fired log sauna, dark and hot in contrast. The sauna is booked months in advance, so plan your sauna travels accordingly.

Vala Floating Sauna in Estonia

Deep in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, Estonia – is this unique floating sauna.  Enjoy the wilderness while floating down the river.

The VALA Sauna has a built in pool off the hot room which even provides views of the marine life.

The sauna is free to responsible sauna adventurers, and there’s even a free eco hotel next door.  It was built and maintained by architecture students of the FLOODED program.