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Sauna Tent Stove With Chimney


Upgrade your sauna experience with the stainless steel North Shore Sauna Tent Stove, offering rapid heating, a compact design, and a complete chimney set for optimal performance and portability.

*Now shipping V2, the latest version of the North Shore Sauna Tent Stove

Portable Sauna Bench


Made with Western Red Cedar and aluminum, it’ll boost your sitting position 30″ above the ground and pick up your feet 16″. High-quality Cedar is used on the bench top to ensure a comfy sitting surface and a locking cross brace allow for sturdy legs while in use and compact portability in between uses. Two-piece construction with carrying handles allow for easy mobility. Standard length is 48″ with a 16″ wide bench top. Length can be customized if desired.

North Shore Dome – Large Sauna Tent For Up To 8 People


The extra large Dome Sauna Tent by North Shore Sauna provides the ultimate sauna experience for up to 8 friends, teammates, or family members.  Created by the Duluth, Minnesota company who earned their reputation for the best performing, safest, most reliable sauna tents and stoves on the market.

The Dome has two chimney ports and thick fabric and insulation, allowing for high sauna temps even when it’s below freezing outside.

Prism Tent Sauna


Looking for the ultimate ‘Sauna in the Wild’ experience?  The North Shore Sauna Prism has become the most trusted sauna tent on the market.

Expertly crafted and rigorously tested by passionate sauna adventurers on the North Shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, this best-in-class sauna tent is the essential companion for those who don’t want to gamble on their wellness journey.

Immerse yourself in the warmth and rejuvenation of the North Shore Prism Sauna Tent – where adventure and well-being become one.

Note: The North Shore Prism is back ordered until late February.  Check out the new North Shore Nova 6.  It’s a slightly larger model with an improved door system.  Ships for free (UPS) in continental USA.

Nova 6 Sauna Tent


Escape the ordinary and step into a world of tranquility with the Nova 6 Sauna Tent, your personal sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Crafted with the adventurous spirit in mind, this portable sauna tent seamlessly blends convenience, durability, and affordability, allowing you to experience the transformative power of sauna therapy wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Nova 4 Sauna Tent for 4 People | North Shore Sauna


The Nova 4 Sauna Tent is a portable and easy-to-set-up sauna tent that can accommodate up to four people. It is made of high-quality materials that are durable and weatherproof. The tent is also equipped with a chimney jack to allow you to easily add wood to the stove. It’s an upgrade on the popular North Shore Prism, with a better door system.

Fireproof Mat for Sauna Tents


Introducing the indispensable Durable and Stylish Fireproof Mat, the ultimate safeguard for your tent sauna experience. This premium-grade mat is crafted from high-quality fiberglass-silicone material, ensuring unwavering protection against embers, sparks, and potential heat damage.

Sauna Firewood Carrier


Whether you’re a seasoned sauna enthusiast or just starting your sauna journey, the Convenient and Durable Firewood Carrying Bag is an essential accessory. This bag is designed to make transporting firewood easy, clean, and mess-free, so you can focus on enjoying your sauna experience.

Sauna Stones – 35-58 lbs


Embrace the restorative power of a sauna with Thermal Sauna Stones, the ideal addition to your sauna setup for an unforgettable experience. These high-quality sauna stones are crafted from natural basalt, renowned for their superior heat retention and steam generation capabilities.

Sauna Gloves – Heat Resistant Leather Gloves for Sauna Wood Stoves


Indulge in a tranquil sauna experience with North Shore Sauna’s heat-resistant leather gloves. Crafted with premium materials for enduring protection, these gloves shield your hands from the searing heat of sauna stoves and rocks, allowing you to fully embrace the therapeutic warmth without fear of burns.

North Shore Sauna Bucket and Ladle Set


Immerse in an unforgettable sauna experience with North Shore’s Black Sauna Bucket and Ladle. Crafted with high-grade aluminum and an elegant bamboo handle, this premium duo is a game-changer. Elevate your wellness journey with the ultimate sauna luxury today!

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