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That Sauna Hat Isn’t Just Stylish

Sauna hats are making a comeback, but they’ve always been popular in sauna cultures. Why do people wear these funny wool cone-shaped hats in the sauna?

Reasons to Wear a Sauna Hat

A sauna hat is like a helmet that protects your head and hair from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations during sauna rounds.

Saunas get hot, especially towards the ceiling where your sensitive, fragile head is. While hats are usually worn to keep your head warm, inside the sauna the hat keeps your head cooler longer.

If you’re new to sauna, you should know that the difference is immense wearing a sauna hat and you’d be much more comfortable with one.

When outside between sauna rounds the high tech sauna hat reverses roles and keeps your head warm. More importantly, the sauna hat keeps your hair from overheating, becoming brittle and drying out.

And the final reason for wearing a sauna had is that they are ridiculously stylish (we’re just saying that’s not the only reason).

Who Would Benefit From a Sauna Hat

  • Sauna newcomers may be the most shy about wearing these funny sauna helmets but they have the biggest benefit.
  • People who get dizzy in the sauna should consult a doctor and make sure they’re hydrated, but a sauna hat will also help.
  • People who get too cold between rounds, and don’t enjoy standing outside in the cold to cool down.
  • Anyone who has avoided the sauna because of what it does to their hair. The sauna hat will let you experience all the benefits of sauna without drying out or freezing your hair.
  • Anyone with a great sense of sauna fashion

Where to Buy a Sauna Hat

Check with your local sauna host, which you can find on SaunaShare.

But if you want an unbranded, authentic sauna hat for sale in the USA or Canada, we have you covered too. The Marketplace has partnered with ‘BringMeSauna’ to offer the best sauna hats available in North America. They come in all sizes and are unbranded.

Best Sauna Hat – Now on Sauna Marketplace

Wool Sauna Hat


Handmade in Poland woolen Sauna hats (sauna cap) is a great way to keep your hair protected while in a sauna. Woolen hats offer the additional benefit of letting you stay and enjoy the sauna longer as it tricks part of your brain responsible for heat regulation.

The best sauna hat should be 100% wool, organic if possible. Sauna hat material should never be synthetic or cotton. Wool is naturally antimicrobial and contains fatty acids that inhibit mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Felt is also OK but 100% wool is best.

You won't have to frequently wash a good wool sauna hat but it is best to have your own and not share them. In fact, 100% wool sauna hats never need to be washed, they can be rinsed and dried and should last a lifetime.

The best sauna hats are usually Russian, Finnish, or from other Scandinavian countries.

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How To Use a Sauna Hat

We recommend wearing the sauna hat inside the hot room and outside when below freezing. It's nice to have a changing room or 'room temperature' area where you take the hat off and have a shower or cold plunge between rounds.

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