No sauna is complete with an ice bath.  The ModPlunge makes cold plunging accessible with an affordable, durable, and efficient solution to enjoy all the benefits of cold-water immersion therapy at your home.

It’s perfect for reducing inflammation and swelling, and soreness, and can drastically speed up muscle recovery.

Modtub hasn’t recovered from a chiller shortage, try these instead.

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Features and Components

The ModPlunge provides the following:

  1. Insulation – the tub is made out a huge, hard-sided rotomolded plastic cooler with a hard top providing maximum insulation and efficiency. The cooler is pressure injected with up to 2” of polyurethane foam.
  2. Circulation – circulation is provided by a quiet pump attached to the back of the cooler that keeps the water moving to filter the water, pass it through the chiller, and prevent freezing.
  3. Filtration – the filter is attached to the pump on the back of the cooler and can filter particles as small as 5 microns to keep your water fresh and clean.
  4. Refrigeration – the ¼ HP chiller on the side of the cooler brings the water temperature down to your desired temperature as low as 39 degrees.

Each ModPlunge comes standard with the following:

  1. Pump
  2. Chiller
  3. Cooler/Tub
  4. Filter
  5. Electrical Box
  6. Power cord
  7. All hoses and fittings prepped for easy assembly


Experience the rejuvenating benefits of cold water immersion

  • Seating: 1 Seat

  • Dimensions:

    Total Footprint Dimensions: 65” x 40”
    External Dimensions: 54 1/2″ L X 31″ W X 31 7/8″ H
    Internal Dimensions: 24 1/4″ D X 43 1/4″ L X 24 1/2″ W

  • Dry weight: 91lbs

  • Filled weight: 825lbs

Say Goodbye to Muscle Soreness with the Power of Ice Bath Therapy

Introducing our cutting-edge ice bath therapy system, designed to help alleviate muscle soreness and speed up recovery after intense physical activity. The ModPlunge features a durable, insulated unit that regulates temperature, allowing you to quickly and easily experience the benefits of cold water therapy.

This system is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels and anyone looking for an effective way to manage muscle soreness and inflammation. Cold water immersion can reduce muscle inflammation, decrease muscle soreness and improve recovery time. It also can improve blood flow, reduce lactic acid and decrease swelling. ModPlunge makes it easy to enjoy all the benefits of ice bath therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Say goodbye to muscle soreness and hello to improved recovery and performance.


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Additional information



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Q & A (9)

Q & A

Can I buy just part of your setup? Anonymous asked on

No, our design is made specifically for the pump, filter, and chiller that we use so we only sell the unit all together.

Jesse From Modtub answered on
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How do I drain the unit? Anonymous asked on

You can drain from the water hose connection at the tee coming off the drainage hole, or you can connect the included water hose adapter to the return jet, attach a water hose to it, and pump the water out. Please see video:

Jesse From Modtub answered on
(0) (0)
Is there a warranty? Anonymous asked on

Yes, the warranty is broken down into several parts.
i. Chiller – 1 manufacturer warranty. For the next 2 years after this warranty expires, we will replace one chiller at cost.
ii. Pump – Impeller 1 year, Pump Cover 5 years, Entire Pump 5 years
iii. Plumbing – we directly warranty all hoses and fittings for 3 years from leaks or defect

Jesse From Modtub answered on
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How often do I change the filter? Anonymous asked on

We recommend changing the filter every 3-6 months. Here are the filters we recommend using:

Jesse From Modtub answered on
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Is ¼ HP enough chilling power? Anonymous asked on

YES! With the ridiculous insulation of these coolers, the ¼ chiller is plenty to get and keep the water cold even in extreme heat.

Jesse From Modtub answered on
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