Custom Mobile Saunas Wood-Burning Sauna Trailers For Sale in MN

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Custom Mobile Saunas is a premium builder of mobile saunas that are ready for anything. Typically loaded with Kuuma Stoves, and great craftsmanship with attention to every detail. Contact us for details about custom builds and check back for ready-to-ship offers.

Custom Mobile Saunas

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Building any sauna is complicated.  Building a mobile sauna is LOADED with potential pitfalls if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Eric and his team at Custom Mobile Saunas are master welders, fabricators, and carpenters.  Eric has been building custom trailers for over a decade, and has been working with some of the best sauna builders around to create a best-of-class mobile sauna.

If you’re going to log a lot of miles on the highway, and don’t want to worry about your sauna “shifting” on the highway, this is the sauna for peace of mind.

Even if you want sweat equity, we recommend working with Custom Mobile Saunas for cargo trailer style saunas.  They offer custom trailers in different stages of development so you can save a lot of money doing some of the finish work yourself.

Custom Mobile Saunas may be best known as the mobile saunas featured by Stokeyard Outfitters in Minneapolis.  They have units all over town and can be rented or tested out at public sauna sessions throughout Minnesota.

Try Before You Buy
Try Before You Buy
Custom Mobile Saunas are available for private rentals in Minnesota. Rental price can be applied toward purchase!
From $250

Mobile Sauna Trailer and Frame Kits from Custom Mobile Saunas

CMS offers ‘Finish Yourself’ for those who want to earn some sweat equity and put their own touch on the project.  Those looking to do the finish work themselves can purchase an insulated shell from Custom Mobile Saunas either with or without the cedar planking and other necessary materials.

Prebuilt Mobile Sauna

Of course, if you want pick up and use sauna CMS has a complete kit that comes with everything done and installed by their expert team.  The package includes a Kuuma stove, premium benches, all the woodwork, and plenty of customizable options.

Custom Mobile Sauna Specs

  • 7′ X 12′ X 84″ tall
  • 2 X 6 Alumimum main frame
  • 1 1/2 Alumimum Wall studs
  • 1 x 2 Alumimum roof trusses
  • EPDM rubber roof 40 mil.
  • .050 Alumimum sheeting
  • 2” spray foamed walls
  • 2.5 spray foam ceiling
  • 2300 lb trailer dry weight
  • 3500 lb axels
  • 3500 lb spring
  • 3/4 dry marine tech floor (glues & screwed)
  • Coin Pattern rubber floor
  • Led Door lite
  • 2000 lb Hand crank lowering system
  • 205-75-15 8 ply
  • 2 “ball
  • Pella 16 x 48 horizontal slider
  • 30 x 72 exterior door with screen and window

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