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The Papi Stick ensures you are activating your proper breathing muscles, allows you to increase your lung capacity, slow your heart rate down, induces calm for your mind and enhances you ability to become mindful of the present moment.  The Papi Stick serves as a functional breathing device, a meditation tool and can be applied to the sauna & cold tub to take your contrast therapy to new levels.  If you can control your breath, you can better control your life. 



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Sauna Papi


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Extend your sauna sit or enhance your cold therapy by full submersion with the Papi Stick. The Papi Stick ensures you are activating your proper breathing muscles, allows you to increase your lung capacity, slow your heart rate down, induces calm for your mind and enhances you ability to become mindful of the present moment.

It is especially beneficial in instances when our breathing is compromised in stressors like extreme heat or cold. It is very strong/durable and do not need to be cleaned (only as the user feels right). PAPI STICK IS THE WAY TO UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR BREATH AND MIND.

Pairing Sauna sessions or Cold Therapy and breathing techniques are a wonderful mind-body practice for stress reduction, relaxation and a tool to improve the balance of the autonomic nervous system so we strengthen its ability to adapt to stress and further mitigate negative effects of stress on the health.  Besides improved breathing muscle strength and skills from the Papi Stick you are also getting a mediation session and a reaping all of the benefits from the sauna.

DISCLAIMER: “Use at your own risk, make sure you are with someone else when using and please watch video tutorials of use in sauna or cold tub.”

Sauna Papi Recommendations for Cold Tub use (recommendations in the videos are based on the Sauni Papi’s personal use and that they are not based on the individual buyer):

  • ALWAYS use with a partner/spotter present at the cold tub.

  • Prior to use, watch the recommended “Papi Stick Technique” video here ‘

  • Practice “Papi Stick Technique” outside of water prior to cold tub use.

  • Grip Papi Stick at water line and do not go below the line.

  • Always use at your own risk.

  • If you are experiencing any sort of light-headedness, shortness of breath, fatigue, dehydration, or other health related symptoms, stop using and take a break immediately.

Benefits of Sauna and/or Cold Therapy Sessions with the Papi Stick:

1. Complete Biomechanically Sound breath – breathing is an integral part of how we move and think. If we can develop sound breathing patterns with practices like using the Papi Stick in the sauna, we can develop sound breathing patterns and learn how to implement breathing and apply airflow to our exercises/movements.

2. Tactical Feedback & Auditory Feedback – when we have the Papi Stick in our mouth it helps keep us focused on using it but we also hear ourselves breathing which provides auditory cues to our brain to maintain the attention on our breath.

3. Mediation – increases attention span and concentration. Mindfulness is becoming aware of the breath but when we do this for minutes (like a 30 min sauna session) it becomes a mediation.

4. Restricted Air Flow – as a society we tend to over breathe this helps you slow your heart, calm your brain and become mindful of the present moment.  With less air flow we have to be sure to get to the deepest part of our lungs so that we can let the breath flow where it is supposed to go. This helps our lung volume as well.

5. Active Participation on Exhale – we tend to not empty all of the air out of us on every exhale. We have to control our entire exhale with the Papi Stick, so it helps us actively participate in our breath by using our breathing muscles to completely empty all the air out which allows us to create more space for a deep complete inhale.

6. Extended Recovery session in sauna –  Maintaining focus on the breath, with reduced air flow, allows us to take our mind off the heat and conserves our energy so we are able to sit in the sauna for a longer period of time and reap more of the heat shock benefits (in addition to breath work and mindfulness training).

7. Full Submersion In the Cold Water – Allows us to completely submerge our head underneath the water so the cold temperatures hit our skull and our brain, releasing even more mood enhancing electrical impulses throughout the brain and body.  It is the ultimate dopamine rush.  It is a whole different level of cold exposure and breathing when you are completely submerged.  Not only is the cold water constricting our blood vessels and making it harder to breathe, but when we are submerged with the restricted air flow from the straw our brain thinks we are suffocating and starts to release the PUREST energy throughout or body in order to adapt to the cold and the reduced air flow.


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Papi Stick Safety

Brand Catalog: Sauna Papi

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