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Barrel Sauna, Canadian Pine, Electric Heater Included, 6 Feet,Fits 4 (BST-66-U)

  • April 15, 2019
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If you’re looking for a cheap barrel sauna without sacrificing quality, we have a bench with your name on it.  The 6ft Toule is the least expensive barrel sauna kit on the market, with room for four people.

This 6×6′ barrel sauna comes with a 6 kW 220v electric sauna heater that’ll have you dropping water on the rocks faster than you can say ‘löyly.’

Enjoy the smooth, rolling heat as you admire the brilliant barrel sauna design.  This barrel sauna uses a canoe joint for the stave and T&G wall joints giving the structure superior strength and rigidity.

A barrel sauna is the perfect place to spend quality time with family and friends in the backyard, pool side, near the patio, woods, or lakeside.

Barrel sauna kits can also be built inside, on porches, decks, trailers (mobile sauna), or even pontoons or docks.  Remember you need to safely supply power, so a wood burning sauna may be best for remote locations.

barrel sauna shipping crates
Barrel sauna kits are delivered by large truck or semi-trucks and often forklifted to site. Have a plan to receive delivery. If necessary, crates can be opened and moved to build site in several trips.

Shipping to most places in North America is just $500 and the barrel sauna can be assembled in a matter of hours.  Unlike prebuilt barrel saunas, barrel sauna kits can be cost-effectively shipped anywhere in the world.  Distribution warehouses are located in Canada and US so you don’t have to worry about import tax or duties if shipping to North America.

Canadian Pine is a great alternative to red cedar that will hold up for many years (Canadian Red Cedar is an optionfor a few hundred more dollars.)  Pine is a common material for sauna building in Finland, where cedar is rare.

Once your barrel sauna is assembled, it is strapped together with (included) #304 stainless steel bands and hinge.

The included weather resistant fiberglass cradles insures that will keep your sauna well above the ground and block moisture from wicking up from the ground and rotting the lower boards.

In addition to the sauna, fiberglass cradles, and electric stove, this sauna includes, sauna rocks, pre-hung tempered glass door, 1L wood sauna bucket with ladle and plastic liner, sauna thermometer, hygrometer, sand timer, two back/head rests, robe hook and cup holder.

There’s a heater fence for safety and benches on both sides that are approximate 70″ long.  The interior dimensions are slightly less than 72″, please refer to the dimensions photo above.

Add-on Options:

  • Wood burning stove, kit, and chimney (additional $615 USD)
  • Window
  • Porch (NOTE: porches reduce interior space but larger models are available.)

Not exactly what you’re looking for?

This sauna is available in many configurations, including many different dimensions, different materials (red cedar, white cedar, pine) electric heater, wood-burning sauna options, and more.

Please inquire below for more details, ordering information, and to see if demo saunas are available in your area.  

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Electric, Wood Stove and Vent Kit

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