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Scandia Ultra 6KW Electric Sauna Heater Model 60240 | Medium



scandia medium electric sauna heaterThe Scandia 60240 is a 6,000 watt (6KW) electric sauna heater for medium home saunas between 210 and 295 cubic feet.  These stainless steel sauna heaters can be purchased as 208v or 240v versions for commercial or home use (models 60240 or 60208).

They are among the only electric sauna heaters made in USA.

Scandia Manufacturing is a sauna and steam room manufacturing company based in Boise, Idaho since 1964.

The Ultra heater line was originally developed by Vico Manufacturing, which later became Scandia.  The line was innovative in improving the convection air-flow of sauna heaters.

Scandia heaters have a unique chamber design that separates each heating element to improve airflow.

These heaters are also sold under the Am-Finn label.  If you’ve used a sauna at a YMCA or Gold gym you have likely experienced a Scandia sauna heater.  Scandia has been the national preferred vendor for YMCA for over 13 years.

The 60240 pulls 25 amps and is for medium floor sizes up to 42 square feet.  6 KW electric heaters are good for indoor or outdoor saunas built for 4-6 people.

Scandia heaters require a safety rail to protect bathers from touching the hot metal.

Minimum clearances for installation are 5″ to a rail or wall and at least 1′ off the ground.

Scandia electric heaters meet UL standards

Scandia heaters come in 1800 watt, 3,000 watt, 4500 watt,  6 KW, 7.5 KW, 9 KW, 12 KW, 15 KW, and 18 KW models for sauna rooms of all sizes.

These are wall mounted heaters.  Though it can be mounted close to a corner, it is not a true corner mount system like the Saunacore SE6.

The unit does not come with an electric plug and should be wired by a qualified electrician.  Make sure your electric service is adequate and you have room on your electric panel.

You may pour water on the rocks to create steam.

Controls and Specs

Scandia sauna heaters come with a 60 minute timer, thermostat, and a choice between a unit-mounted controller or a wall mounted controller.  There’s also a digital wall mounted upgrade option for around $270.

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Where to buy Scandia 6KW Electric Sauna Heaters

If you want to find the Scandia electric sauna heater cheap, look for deals below.

US and Canada

AM-Finn – $1200
Amazon – Check Price
Cedarbrook Saunas – $928

Scandia Manual

Manual / Installation Guide

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Maximum Temperature and Size Index

Estimated Max Temp
Heater Size Index
20-35 watts/ft3
Manufacturer Recommended Room Size
150 ft3 Minimum | 300 ft3 Maximum
  • 100F
  • 125F
  • 150F
  • 175F
  • 20-35 watts/ft3 | Max 200F
  • 225F
  • 250F
  • 275F
  • 300F


Updated on April 9, 2019 at 6:31 pm

  • Price: $928
  • Total Size: 300 MAX CBF
  • People: 3-6
  • Sauna Type: Heater - Electric
  • Status: For Sale - New
  • Sauna Rocks: High Density imported sauna rocks included
  • Electricity: Grid
  • Length: 8 9/19" H x 4 9/16 W x 2 1/8" D rough in size
  • Minimum Cubic Feet: 160 CUF


People: 3-5MAX CBF: 300

Heater - Electric

7 months ago


People: 3-5MAX CBF: 300

Heater - Electric

7 months ago

People: 2-4Max Cubic Feet: 300

Heater - Electric

7 months ago


People: 2-4Max Cubic Feet: 300

Heater - Electric

7 months ago


People: 3-5Max Cubic Feet: 210

Heater - Electric

7 months ago

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