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Polar HMR 45 Sauna Heater | Designer series 4.5kW | Reviews, Price, and Specifications



Red Electric Sauna Heater made by Polar

The Polar HMR 45 is a 4,500 watt (4.5 kW) electric sauna heater designed for rooms 100-210 cubic feet.

Sauna hot room height for the HMR 45 should be between 6’4 and 8′ with a minimum floor size of 12 square feet.  This is an excellent choice for a small, 2-3 person basement or converted closet sauna.

The Polar Designer Electric Sauna Heaters come in 4.5kw, 6kw, and 8kw versions.

The HMR Designer Series models are wall mounted electric sauna heaters with ETL and UL listings and can be ordered for commercial and non-commercial use.

Polar Sauna USA is located in Cocato, MN – but these heaters are built and assembled by TyloHelo.

The outer casing and rock cavity are made with aluminum-zinc alloy, the outer cover is cast aluminum and the grill is stainless steel.

The unit does not come with an electric plug and should be wired by a qualified electrician.  Make sure your electric service is adequate and you have room on your electric panel.

It is 240v AC and pulls 18 amps.  It should be wired with a #10 copper wire.   Polar HMR heaters can also be purchased in 208v 1 or 3 phase so make sure you are ordering the right one.  (240v/3p, 208v/1p, 208v/3p)

The stove is designed to handle the traditional sauna practice of dropping water on the rocks to create steam.  They have a stone capacity of 33 pounds and ship with volcanic sauna rocks.

Polar HMR series heaters come standard with timer and delay functions mounted on the bottom front of the unit.

The controls include a basic 60 minute timer with a 1-8 hour delay function, allowing the sauna to be set up to 8 hours in advance.

If you need need outside or wall-mounted controls you must purchase a HNVR 45 SC sauna heater if you wish to stay with the Polar brand.

Polar offers a one year limited warranty.

  • Heater Size: 16″W x 11″D x 23″H
  • Red
  • 3 Stainless steel 1500 watt heating elements.  (1 phase, 240 volt).  Replacement heating elements for the Polar HMR 45 can be purchased here.

Where to buy Polar HMR 45 Electric Sauna Heaters

Polar offers factory closeout and scratch-and-dent discounts by contacting their factory at 800-346-6536.

United States

Cedarbrook Sauna and Steam – $753
Saunas.com – $690
Superior Saunas – $806
123 Saunas – $891
Menards – $709
Spa Startup – $716

Polar Sauna Manual



Maximum Temperature and Size Index

Estimated Max Temp
Heater Size Index
21-45 watts/ft3
Manufacturer Recommended Room Size
100 ft3 Minimum | 210 ft3 Maximum
  • 100F
  • 125F
  • 150F
  • 175F
  • 21-45 watts/ft3 | Max 200F
  • 225F
  • 250F
  • 275F
  • 300F


Updated on April 21, 2019 at 3:44 pm

  • Price: $753
  • Total Size: 210 Max Cubic Feet
  • People: 3-5
  • Sauna Type: Heater - Electric
  • Status: For Sale - New
  • Sauna Rocks: Comes with 33 lbs of Volcanite sauna rocks.
  • Electricity: Grid
  • Length: 23"h x 16"w x 11"d
  • Controls: On Heater. 60 minute timer and 8 hour delay function.

Other Models

Title Notes Price KW Voltage Max Room Size Minimum Clearance

Polar HMR-45

w/ 33 Lbs of Stones $690 / USD 4.5 240 Volt 210 Cubic Feet 3"

Polar HMR-60

w/ 50 Lbs of Stones $790 / USD 6 240 Volt 310 Cubic Feet 4"

Polar HMR-80

w/ 50 lbs of Stones $879 / USD 8 240 Volt 425 Cubic Feet 5"


People: 4-9Max Cubic Feet: 425

Heater - Electric

8 months ago


People: 4-9Max Cubic Feet: 425

Heater - Electric

8 months ago


People: 2-5Max Cubic Feet: 310

Heater - Electric

8 months ago

People: 3-6Max Cubic Feet: 300

Heater - Electric

8 months ago


People: 3-6Max Cubic Feet: 300

Heater - Electric

8 months ago

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Red Electric Sauna Heater made by Polar


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Red Electric Sauna Heater made by Polar