Sauna Guide

Best Wood Burning Portable Fire Pits

For many of us, the time spent outdoors between sauna sessions is the best part of the sauna routine. You want a low maintenance, long burning fire pit with little or no smoke. You’ll find yourself well into the night after a good sauna session enjoying the stars and good company.

Solo Stoves are the pioneer of portable camping stoves, and are still the most popular with sauna owners, but they have some major drawbacks like not being able to extinguish the fire.

You can’t use water on a Solo Stove (or any other smokeless fire pit) for the following reasons:

  • Pouring water on the fire rapidly changes the temperature of the stainless steel.
  • It creates ‘Ash Soup’ on the bottom of the ash pan which clogs up the holes that make the smokeless fireplace work.

If you are on the go, or don’t like to wait for the fire to go out, there are better options.

Camping Bonfire Stand

We’ll start real simple.

For mobile saunas on the go, a portable bonfire stand is an easy way to have a fire without damaging the grounds. They’re the perfect addition to a sauna tent or camping rig to have an outdoor area where you can cool down but still keep your hands warm.

There’s no faster way to set up a fire or extinguish and pack up a fire pit than a simple portable fire stand like these. They allow you to toss the ashes in a safe place, put them out with water, and be ready to go.

The Rootless system is collapsable, easy to clean, and can pack in with your tent or a cargo bay of your mobile sauna.

The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

Keeping it simple is an important consideration for mobile fire pits. The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up is built for ease of transportation and use.

Again, the most important advantage of these first two firepits is that you can extinguish the fire with water. Smokeless pits require you to wait for the fire to go out before you can safely remove coals and transport the firepit.

Though not smokeless, the Fireside Pop-Up will produce much less smoke than a ground fire pit would because the ground holds a lot of moisture.

The fireside is stainless steel so it’s lightweight and will never rust.

Kota Grill

A wood fired Finnish grill is amazing for cooking, or just relaxing around a warm fire with more options than you can imagine. The Koa Grill is the ultimate portable fire pit that’s ready for anything.

The Kota Grill experience goes way back to Kota huts in the Finnish backcountry where families gathered for cooking and to stay warm in winter months.

There’s now a Canadian company importing high quality, adaptable Kota stoves to North America. You can check them out here.

Solo Stoves

Even though they have drawbacks, many mobile sauna owners have a SOLO stove. We have a Solo Ranger and we love it. If waiting for the fire to go out on its own isn’t. a problem for you, they do have some benefits.

SOLO stoves are

  • Portable, with a carrying case.
  • Lightweight
  • Smokeless when operated properly

Smokeless is a big deal if you spend a lot of time around the fire. Breathing in dirty fire can cause health problems as well as environmental problems.