Barrel Saunas For Sale in Canada

Barrel saunas are believed to have originated in Canada by water barrel coopers, likely of Finnish descent.  The country is still a mecca for barrel saunas thanks to their rich supply of cedar trees and large number of craftsmen.  Canada is also the hub for traditional coopered barrel saunas with beautiful rounded staves, like giant wine barrel saunas.

The panoramic barrel sauna, featuring a full window for one wall was invented to take in the beautiful views in British Columbia.  They can now be found at breathtaking locations around the world.

While many Canadians prefer to build from scratch or order a barrel sauna kit, there are also over a dozen sauna builders in Canada that deliver the perfect barrel sauna to your backyard.

Barrel saunas can be found throughout the country but British Columbia is certainly a hub.  If you’re looking for a barrel sauna in Canada you are likely to find one that suits your needs below.  If you know of any other quality barrel sauna companies and builders in Canada please let us know!

Barrel Saunas for Sale in Western Canada

Barrel Saunas for sale in canadaOne of a Kind Creative Woodworking – Vancouver, BC

If well cared for, your barrel sauna should last many years.  If you appreciate fine woodworking and craftsmanship then One of a Kind Creative Woodworking is a must see.  Dave makes custom barrel saunas but the most noteworthy is the acrylic bubble barrel sauna with a panoramic view.

Dave is a master cooper, with using the barrel design for everything from wine cellars to tiny houses.  He is truly a visionary, and the detail and quality of these saunas are second to none.  Got a crazy idea?  Their motto is “If it’s impossible, we can do it!”

One of a Kind often uses local wood that they source and mill themselves.

One of a Kind CW barrel saunas have some of the best views in the world, installed throughout Canada (notable installations in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Vancouver), France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, United States including Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alaska, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, and California.

They also make a unique 2 tiered barrel sauna that would allow someone to lay down on the top bench while people sit below.

Toule Barrel Saunas

These barrel saunas are the least expensive, though they still use Canadian Red Cedar.  They are shipped as barrel sauna kits, (Canada shipping is around $500 flat rate) so they do require assembly.  They offer 6′, 8′, and 12′ models with (or without) porches and changing rooms.

These all come with a free electric sauna stove, with with an option to add on a wood burning kit.  Packages start at just $2500 making traditional outdoor saunas comparable to infrared saunas (in price) for the first time.

Canada Only – 6 Foot Red Cedar Barrel Sauna With Porch Price: 3999 Our most popular barrel sauna kit delivered anywhere in Canada Buy Now Canada Only – 6 Foot Red Cedar Barrel Sauna With Porch

Aleko Barrel Saunas

Aleko barrel saunas ship from Washington but have free shipping throughout Canada, making them an obvious consideration for anyone looking for a reliable, budget sauna that’s more durable than most.

Aleko barrel saunas have optional shingle roofing that we believe are necessary for the Canadian climate if your barrel sauna isn’t under some sort of awning or roof.  A roof can easily double the life if your barrel sauna, which will last even longer if you keep it well elevated and dry as possible when not in use.

Aleko Pine Barrel Sauna Price: $3899 These 5 person barrel sauna kits ship for free from Washington. Imagine the view from the inside at your cabin or home. Comes with ETL approved 4.5 kw electric heater. Shingle roof not included. Buy Now Aleko Pine Barrel Sauna

Dundalk Leisure Craft Barrel Saunas

Dundalk Leisure Craft is one of the biggest sauna companies in North America, and their barrel saunas are popular in the US, Canada, and around the world.

Like many west coast Canada sauna companies, they offer a panoramic barrel sauna with a glass window that takes up the entire wall next to the heater.  Dundalk panoramic barrel saunas are unique because they have a bench seat fitted to the outside window.  They can accomplish this only on Dundalk electric models by placing the electric heater on the wall next to the door.

Note: One of a Kind CR Saunas also have this extra bench on panoramic barrel saunas, including wood burning models.

Central Canada Sauna Builders

If you’re looking for a barrel sauna in Central Canada, you might be better off looking at sauna companies across the border in Minnesota and Michigan.

Barrel Saunas Available on Amazon in Canada