Barrel Sauna Deals – US Shipping

Welcome to the barrel sauna deal page from Sauna Marketplace.  If you’re here, you should have received a personal invitation and be located in the United States.  If not, please contact so we can point you in the right direction!

If you are in the US and looking for a great deal on a barrel sauna, you’re in luck.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing these saunas enjoyed in the wild.  Here’s a ‘Pine 4+2 w/ Porch’ (available below) we recently had shipped to Aruba!  Who says saunas are only for cold climates?

Read This First:

  • These prices reflect a $100 Sauna Marketplace discount.  You get this simply by following the links below and putting in an offer for this price.  Please mention you came from Sauna Marketplace.  Then email with your eBay username and address so we can also send you a free sauna t-shirt and sauna mug!
  • Shipping to the lower 48 states for most of these is a flat $500, please confirm shipping at checkout.
  • Like all barrel saunas that are shipped, these require assembly.  They are delivered on large pallets, typically to your driveway.  Assembly typically takes 3-4 hours.
  • Like all electric sauna heaters, these require electrical knowledge or an electrician to hookup.
  • Wood burning options are available for all but the smallest models.  Inquire at checkout.


6 Foot Pine Barrel Sauna (Seats 4)

6 Foot Cedar Barrel Sauna (Seats 4)

Red Cedar Barrel Sauna With Porch (Seats 2 in/2 out)

8 Foot Red Cedar Barrel Sauna W/ Porch (Seats 4 in/2 Out)

8 Foot Pine Barrel Sauna (Seats 6)

8 Foot Cedar Barrel Sauna (Seats 6)

Wood Burning Stove Upgrade