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Buyers Guide to Sauna Rocks

Buyers Guide to Sauna Rocks

Sauna rocks are essential for a traditional sauna experience. They are often an afterthought but can be very dangerous or cause your heating elements to fail if not given proper thought.

Luckily, many sauna stove manufacturers now include stones (shipping costs be damned) but it’s often overlooked that they need to be regularly replaced.

You can’t just replace your sauna rocks with what you find at the garden store.  Not all rocks are capable of handling the heat and moisture without becoming volatile.  Rocks can actually become explosives if they’re pushed passed their breaking points.

What do sauna rocks do?

Sauna rocks

How often should sauna rocks be replaced?

Sauna stones should be replaced every 1-3 years depending on the stones and how often you sauna.

Which sauna rocks are the best?

According to Kuuma Stoves, granite is best.  The stones should be the size of your fist or smaller.

Where can I buy sauna rocks?

Can I use local sauna rocks?

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