Here's what to expect

Our Mission:

Authentic Sauna Access

We believe the world will be a better place with better access to sauna.  And we want to prove it.

We do things a little differently at Sauna Marketplace, where we value authentic people, products, and saunas.

What makes us different? For starters, we are LITERALLY a sauna marketplace, run by the mobile sauna folks at

At SaunaShare, we learned a lot about which saunas, products, and companies you can trust.

We personally invited these builders, small businesses, and craftsman to help us build this marketplace.

Then we asked the builders and mobile sauna companies what products they trust, what they want to put in their next saunas, and how we could help streamline the process.

Then we set out to create partnerships to provide access to the best prices and availability possible, so our builders can keep delivering the heat at a price you can afford.

And we didn't stop there.

All these products are becoming available to everyone here at Sauna Marketplace.

So when you buy from the marketplace, you are getting the best deal available anywhere.

You are backed by seller, manufacturer, and the marketplace itself.  

We will do everything in our power to make sure you are happy with your new sauna or product, every time. 

On top of that, each purchase helps continue to make authentic sauna access more affordable and available to everyone.

Let's sauna.

Want To Start a Sauna Community?

When you buy a sauna through the Marketplace, you are automatically approved and fast-tracked to rent out your new sauna through We'll help you get started!